Banco Casino Masters 250,000€ GTD Final Day

A total of 1,305 players registered for the 40th Banco Casino Masters 250,000€ GTD, and from this field, after a deal and subsequent heads-up play, David Křístek celebrated victory, taking home 34,395€. Starting from 22nd July, the Poker Belgique Masters 250,000€ GTD will begin at Banco Casino Bratislava. We look forward to seeing you!

Final Day payout:

1. Křístek David - 34,395€
2. Blasko Nandor - 28,180€
3. Lelek Miroslav - 16,800€
4. Bartoš Martin - 12,625€
5. Li Hao Fei - 8,475€
6. Štvrtecký Tomáš - 6,350€
7. Nečas Ondrej - 4,825€
8. Ahlawat VIkhyat - 3,725€
9. Jurcic Domagoj - 2,900€
10. Cerin Igor - 2,375€
11. Steer Kay - 2,375€
12. Primisser Julian - 1,975€
13. McCairns Craig Murray - 1,975€
14. Csire Adam - 1,675€
15. Szentmihalyi Adam Tamas - 1,675€

1:50 Quick heads-up

After a few swift hands, David took the chip lead, and Nandor went all-in with Kc 9s against David's Kh Qd. After the board came 2h Td 8d Tc 6d, Nandor Blasko finished in second place for 28,180€

A quick discussion about a deal took place

Since the stacks are almost identical, David and Nandor agreed on 28,180€ each, with the winner receiving an additional 6,215€

1:30 Miro Lelek finishes in third place and we move to heads-up

Lelek opened to 1,000,000, David 3-bet from the SB to 3,300,000, and Nandor folded. Miro shoved for 18,000,000, and David called with Ac Js. After the board came Qx Ax 7x Kx Ax, Miro dropped to a short stack and David climbed back to approximately 25,000,000. In the next hand, Blasko shoved for 24,000,000 and Lelek called with his remaining 6,000,000 holding Kh 7d. Blasko had Ad 2h, and after the board came Ax 8x 3x 5x 4x, Miro was eliminated in third place for 16,800€

1:10 Nandor Blasko takes a small pot

Křístek opened to 1,000,000, Blasko 3-bet to 4,000,000, and David decided to call. On the flop 9s 6s 6h, Blasko continued for 1,500,000, and David called. On the turn 8s, both checked, and on the river Ac, Blasko bet 2,000,000. David folded his cards.

00:45 Martin Bartoš finishes in fourth place for 12,625€

Blasko opened to 800,000, Bartoš shoved for 5,300,000 with Ah 7s, Lelek called from the SB with 2,600,000 holding Qs Qd, and Nandor snap-called with Kd Kc. The board Qh 3h 9h was certainly thrilling, but the turn As and river Tc decided a triple up for Miro Lelek and a fourth-place finish for Martin Bartoš, who takes home 12,625€

00:15 Miro Lelek double up

Bartoš shoved 5,300,000 with Jx Tx, and Miro Lelek called with 4,200,000 holding Kd 5d. After the board came 7x 2h Qd 6d 8h, Miro held on, and Martin lost about half of his stack.

Level 33: 200,000 – 400,000 / 400,000, avg. 12,952,250, ent.: 4/1,305

Break 15 min

23:50 Li Hao finishes in fourth place for 8,475€

Li Hao shoved from the SB with 2,800,000 holding As Td, and Blasko in the BB found Js Jc. The board 3x 5x 4x 6d 3d was the last for the Chinese player, and for his effort, he takes home 8,475€

23:45 Nandor Blasko lucky double up

Blasko shoved 3,100,000 with eights from EP, Bartáloš called with nines, and Li Hao in the BB thought for a while but eventually decided to fold Ac Qc. After the board came Kx Kx 3x 8x Ax, Nandor secured a double up.

23:35 Tomáš Štvrtecký takes home 6,350€ for sixth place

Křístek opened to 1,000,000 from the SB, and Štvrtecký shoved 4,500,000 with Ah Js. David snap-called with Qh Qd, and after the board came 7h 3d 7c 4c 6h, Tomáš Štvrtecký was eliminated in sixth place for 6,350€

23:20 Ondrej Nečas finishes in seventh place for 4,825€

Štvrtecký shoved from the SB with 3,900,000 holding Ks Js, and Ondrej called with 5x 5x for his 3,200,000. After the board came 8s 8c Jx 3s 2h, Ondrej had to say goodbye.

23:10 Bartoš vs. Křístek

Bartoš opened from the button to 600,000, and Křístek 3-bet from the button to 1,700,000. On the flop Ax 8x 6x, David continued for 1,100,000, but Martin uninterestedly folded his cards.

Level 32: 150,000 – 300,000 / 300,000, avg 7,401,286, ent.: 7/1,305

22:15 Miro Lelek double up

Miro was down to 1,700,000, which he pushed into play from the SB with Kc 3s, and Křístek called from the BB with Qs 8c. After the board came Kh 7h 6c Ac 7c, Miro survives.

22:00 Bartoš loses

Blasko shoved from the SB with 2,700,000, and Martin Bartoš decided to call from the BB with As 4d. After the board came Qs Td 9h Jx 8x, Blasko secured a double up.

Chipcount after the break

Level 31: 100,000 – 250,000 / 250,000, avg 7,401,286, ent.: 7/1,305

Break 15 min

21:25 Vikhyat Ahlawat done in 8th place

Ahlawat got into a preflop all-in with Ad Jd against Bartoš's tens. After the board came 6d Kh 2h 8c 2d, this Indian player finished in eighth place for 3,725€. Ahlawat also managed to reach the final table in the PLO Masters event.

21:10 Another pot for David

Křístek opened to 400,000, Nečas 3-bet from the button to 1,100,000, and Nandor thought for a long time. He finally decided to call from the BB, and Křístek also called. On the flop 9h 6h Js, everyone checked. On the turn Tc, Blasko bet 1,000,000, David called, and Ondrej immediately folded. On the river 6s, Blasko bet another million, and David called with Ax Jx. Blasko held "only" Ax Kx, and his cards went into the muck.

20:45 David Vs Li

Křístek opened to 400,000, and Li Hao on the button decided to 3-bet to 1,100,000. Křístek called, and on the flop Kh 6d 5s, Li Hao continued for 550,000, which David quickly called. On the turn 6h, Hao bet 900,000 and once again got called. The river Ah saw both players check. David showed Ks 9s, and Hao angrily mucked Qx Qx

Level 30: 100,000 – 200,000 / 200,000, avg. 6,576,125, ent.: 8/1,305

20:15 3-bet

Lelek opened to 325,000 from EP, and Blasko from the BB decided to 3-bet to 1,000,000. Miro pondered for a moment but folded his cards.

The third edition of the Polish Poker Cup in August will bring 444,444€ GTD!

20:00 Domagoj Jurcic exits in 9th place for 2,900€

Nečas opened from the button, and Jurcic shoved 2,200,000 with Ax 6x from the small blind. Nečas easily called with Ax Kx, and the board ran out Tc Kd 8c 4c Th. With that, Domagoj bids farewell in 9th place, earning 2,900€

FT Payouts:

1. 37,525€
2. 25,050€
3. 16,800€
4. 12,625€
5. 8,475€
6. 6,350€
7. 4,825€
8. 3,725€
9. 2,900€

FT chipcounts:

Level 29: 80,000 – 160,000 / 160,000, avg. 5,317,417, ent.: 9/1,305

Break 10 min

18:55 Three quick seat opens

Kay Steer shoved 2,400,000 with Qx Jx, and Li Hao found Kx Kx in the small blind. After the board ran out 4x 7x 5x 4x 4x, Kay was eliminated in 11th place for 2,375€. At the same time, Julian Primisser was eliminated at the streamed table, finishing in 12th place for 1,975€. Igor Cerin invested his short stack with Qx 4x, and his opponent found As 8s. The board of 8x 6x 4x 6x Tx provided no help, sending Igor out in 10th place for 2,375€. We now consolidate to the final table.

Livestream link:

Level 29: 80,000 – 160,000 / 160,000, avg. 4,317,417, ent.: 12/1,305

Break 30 min

17:50 Li Hao double up

On a flop of 4x 7x 6x, Nečas put his Chinese opponent all-in effectively for 1,490,000 with Qx Tx. Li called with 5h 4h, and after the turn 8x and river 2x, he secured the much-needed double up.

17:40 Martin Bartoš wins a pot

On the turn Ts 7s Jh 4h, Bartoš bet 475,000 into a pot of about 600,000 from the small blind. Štvrtecký, in the big blind, thought for a moment and then folded.

17:25 Nečas wins with a c-bet

Ondrej opened to 250,000 and Bartoš called. On the flop of Ks 7h 5c, Nečas bet 175,000 and Bartoš quickly folded. On the other table, Craig McCairns was eliminated in 13th place for €1,975.

The end of July will bring the Poker Belgique Masters 250,000€ GTD for only 200€!

Level 28: 60,000 – 120,000 / 120,000, avg. 3,985,308, ent.: 13/1,305

16:50 Adam Csire eliminated in 14th place for 1,675€

Adam got into a preflop all-in effectively for 1,700,000 with Kx Qx against Igor Cerin's Ac Jc. After the board ran out 7x 7x 8x 6x Ax, Adam was left short-stacked and lost his remaining 5bb a few hands later when he pushed with Tx 9x, and Kay Steer called with Ax Qx. The board came 8x 4x 5x 8x 7x.

16:40 Adam Szentmihalyi eliminated in 15th place for 1,675€

Adam got his short stack in with Kx Jx against an opponent's Ax Jx. After the board ran out 2x Tx 9x Tx 4x, Adam is the first to be eliminated today.

16:30 Adam Csire double up

Adam got into a preflop all-in for 1,100,000 with Ax 5x against Martin Bartoš's Kx Qx. After the board ran out Ax 7x 9x Tx 8x, Martin had to give up some chips to his opponent.

Level 27: 50,000 – 100,000 / 100,000, avg. 3,453,933, ent.: 15/1,305

16:10 Rejam

Vikhyat opened to 210,000, and Mccairns rejammed for 1,445,000. After a moment of consideration, his Indian opponent folded his cards.

Level 26: 40,000 – 80,000 / 80,000, avg. 3,453,933, ent.: 15/1,305

Approximately six minutes remain in this level. All subsequent levels will last 60 minutes.

Final Day Payouts:

1. 37,525€
2. 25,050€
3. 16,800€
4. 12,625€
5. 8,475€
6. 6,350€
7. 4,825€
8. 3,725€
9. 2,900€
10-11. 2,375€
12-13. 1,975€
14-15. 1,675€

Final Day chipcounts:

Livestream link:



BCM Main Event 250,000€ GTD:

  • Buy-in: 170€
  • Starting stack: 40k
  • Late reg.: 12 lvls
  • 10% Fee + 5% Staff deducted from the prize pool

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The end of July will bring the Poker Belgique Masters 250,000€ GTD for only 200€!

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Winamax Poker Open world event again at Banco Casino - September 2024!

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