Banco Casino Championship 150,000€ GTD Day 1C

Flight 1C recorded 104 entries and another ten players will join the pool in Day 2. Today´s chipleader is Leif Hetland with a stack of 1,197,000. Today flight 1D is ready at 18:00, and flight 1E – Turbo at 22:00. At 17:00 Highroller event 20,000€ GTD is ready and is one day event. We are looking forward to see you !

Chipcounts 1C: 

4:15 Bubbleboy is Vitalii Shcherba

Vitalii got his about 150,000 in with Ax Tx against Erich Lang with Ax 7x. Board Jx 4x 7x 8x 6x was unfortunately last for Vitalii and last for flight 1C !

Level 18: 7,000 – 15,000 / 15,000, avg. 472,727, ent.: 11/104

4:00 Erich Lang double up

Erich got his 124,000 in with Kx Tx and Johny Tapia in bb called with Qh Th. Board Jh 4s 5c 2h 2c held for better hand and Erich took the double up right on the bubble.

3:45 Vlado Bednár eliminated and we are playing hand for hand now

Vlado opens from Hj Hetland 3-bets from sb to 65,000 and Vlado calls. On the flop Qx Jx 7x Hetland bets 35,000 and Bednár calls. On the turn 2x Bednár bets around 70,000 and Hetland calls. River 5x brought a shove of 120,000 from Bednár and Hetland called off with Kx Jx. Vlado held only Ax 9x and with this elimination we are playing hand for hand.

Level 17: 6,000 – 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 400,000, ent.: 13/104

Break 15 min

3:05 Bugár eliminates Hodosi

Hodosi got his around 140,000 in with Kx Jx against Štefan Bugár with pocket tens. Board 3x Ax 6x Qx 4x was last one for Hodosi.

Level 16: 5,000 – 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 371,429, ent.: 14/104

2:45 Multiway pot for Vitalii

Dudas opens to 17,000 from Ep, Jašica, Shcherba and Hetland calls. On the flop Qd Jd 2d Vitalii bets 26,000 and all three opponents folded smoothly.

2:30 Early christmas for Martanovič

Otta opens from sb and Martanovič jams 313,000. Otta calls with Kx Tx but Martanovič shows pocket aces and after runout 3x Kx 6x 3x Qx Otta falls to megashort and looses rest of his stack in next hand.

Level 14: 3,000 – 6,000 / 6,000, avg. 247,619, ent.: 21/104

1:45 Marten Rosenkrantz eliminated

Marten jammed bit more than 100,000 from Ep with Kx Qx and Gabor Dudas found pocket tens on other side of table. After he made the call board of 5x 5x Kx Tx 4x was dealt and Marten was eliminated.

1:30 Yury Aisov out

Jašica opens to 11,000, Shcherba calls and Aisov jams his 75,000 from button. Jašica rejams and Vitalii quickly folds. Jašica tabled Ax Qx while Aisov was holding only Ax 8x. Board Kx 4x 8x Qx 5x eliminated Yury from flight 1C !

Its going to be insanely hot in Banco Casino Bratislava ! 

Level 13: 2,000 – 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 167,742, ent.: 31/104

Break 15 min

00:45 Small bet did the job

Nuri Ercin bets 12,000 from position into a pot of more than 40,000 on the flop Qx 9x 3x. Both Kayko and Knapek folded quickly.

00:30 3-way all in

Arild Haagensen got his 13,500 in with pocket aces, Jašica found pocket nines and his 48,500 went in. Aisov covered both by a alot and got it in with Ax Jx. RUnout 7x 6x Tx 8x Kx cracked Arild´s aces and Jašica took nice double up and some extra chips.

Level 12: 2,000 – 4,000 / 4,000, avg. 127,500, ent.: 40/102

00:15 Bela Miko double up

Miko jammed his 23,500 with Ax Tx and Janos Varga called with pocket queens. Board Kx 5x 9x Ax 5x wasn´t very lucky for Varga and Miko took needed double up.

00:00 Simple pot for Tapia

Johny Tapia opens to 7,500 from button and Zahorec called from sb. On the flop Qc 8s 6d Tapia bets 6,000 and Zahorec folded quickly.

Level 11: 1,500 – 3,000 / 3,000, avg. 118,293, ent.: 41/97

23:45 David with a nice river

Libor opens to 7,000 and David calls. On the flop 6d 4d 8c Libor bets 15?000 and gets paid. On the turn 9h Libor continues for 10,000 and gets paid again. ON the river Ks bboth players checked quickly. Libor shows pocket tens, but that is not enough against Kx 7x.


Level 10: 1,000 – 2,000 / 2,000, avg. 104,651, ent.: 43/90

23:15 Kralovič eliminates Schuster

Martin opens to 3,500 from Ep and from Mp Guenther Schuster rejams 20,000. Kralovič calls with Kd Qd and Schuster shows up with Qs Js. Runout Ah 9d 3c Jd 7d held for better combination this time.

23:00 Bernd Pichler double up

On the flop Th 6h 7d Hrnčár bets 6,500, Pichler jams for 35,000 and AIsov rejams for a lot more. Hrnčár doesn´t like it ad fold after a while, Pichler shows 9h 5h and Aisov Ax Qh. Turn Kx and river 5x helped Pichler to a nice double up.

Level 9: 1,000 – 1,500 / 1,500, avg. 94,444, ent.: 45/85

Break 15 min

22:35 Milan Svačina shoves

On the turn Jc 6c Kd KS pot is around 45,000 and Milan shoves his 30,500. Ernst Muller thought for long time and folded.

22:20 VItalii took it with a raise

On the turn Ac 4x 9x Jh one of players bets 12,000 into a pot of 23,000. Vitalii raises to 31,000 and after long long tanking his opponent folded.

Level 8: 700 - 1,500 / 1,500, avg. 91,304, ent.: 46/84

21:50 Flipppp

Two norwegian players got their stacks in for about 20 bb with sevens held by bigger stack and Ax Qx by the smaller stack. Ace on the turn brought a nice double up to smaller stack and we didn´t saw seat open.


Level 7: 600 – 1,200 / 1,200, avg. 75,000, ent.: 50/75

21:35 Aziz took nice pot

On the turn Kd Td 5s 9d Alexander Weinreich bets 8,000 into a pot of 25,000, Šedivý made the call and Aziz in position raises to 21,000. Weinreich folded and Šedivý wanted to see a river. That was 8s and Aziz made a bet of 20,000. Milan folded after a while.

21:20 Martin Kralovič took multiway pot

Bela Miko opens to 2,000 and Lang, Varga, Kralovič and Nova called. On the flop 9h 7d 2c all players checks. On the turn Th Kralovič bets 5,000 and only Miko calls. River Js is checked quickly and Kralovič tabled Kd Td, which was enough against Qx Tx held by Miko.

Its going to be insanely hot in Banco Casino Bratislava ! 

Level 6: 500 – 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 68,367, ent.: 49/67

21:10 Miro Ostatník took a pot with flop raise

On the flop Qh 7h 9c pot is around 8,000 and Kovacs bets 4,500. Ostatník raises to 12,000, Dudas and Rizea folded quickly, Kovacs thought about it and folded too.

20:50 Better A-high for Hodosi

On the river 7x 7x 6X 3x 4x pot was aroudn 27,000 and Torleiv Gronbech bets 20,600. Hodosi tanked a bit and made the call. Torleiv tabled Ax 9x, which wasn´t enough against As Ks held by Hodosi.

Level 5: 400 – 800 / 800, avg. 61,000, ent.: 50/61

Break 30 min

20:00 Huge bet

On the turn 8c 3c 7h Qs there was around 10,000 in the pot and Tomáš Knapek bets 20,000. Milan Šedivý folded instantly.

19:45 Fullhouse for Miko Bela

On the river 7x 5x 4x 7x 4x pot is around 22,000 and Lajos Matyasi and Miko Bela checks quickly. Lajos flips over Ax 5x, Miko Bela took the pot with 3x 4x.

Level 4: 300 – 600 / 600, avg. 53,333, ent.: 45/48

19:35 Multiway pot for Hodosi

On the flop Kx Jx 7x there was 5,300 inside and Tapia, Svačina and Ostatník checks.  On the turn 6c HOdosi from button bets 2,200 and all opponents folded.

19:20 Šedivý took the pot on the river

Milan decided to bet 4,200 into a pot of 5,000 on the river Kx 6x 3x 9x 6x. Amir gave up and we didn´t see showdown.

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Level 3: 200 – 500 / 500, avg. 50,000, ent.: 41/41


19:00 Hard to bluff this one

On the flop As Ts 3h Eduard, Pichler and Dudas checks. On the turn Ac Eduard bets 1,500, Pichler folds and Eduard calls. On the river 3c Eduard tried for 5,000 but Dudas snapcalled and Eduard mucked his hand. Janos shows Ax.

18:45 Nice one for Yury Aisov

Libor limps, Kovacs raises to 1,700, Yury from sb calls and Libor calls too. On the flop Kc Qd 7h Kovacs c-bets for 3,000 and only Aisov calls. On the turn 7s Kovacs bets 7,500 and Yury calls again. River Jc was checked through and Aisov shows Ac 7c. Kovacs mucks quickly.

Level 2: 200 – 400 / 400, avg. 50,000, ent.: 31/31

18:25 Tabriz winning small pot for start

ON the flop Kx 6x 3x Tabriz bets 1,600 into a pot of around 3,000, Hodosi calls and Varga folds. On the turn Qs Tabriz continues for 2,500 and Hodosi folded.

18:15 Some names right from start

Mussa, Svačina, Paulenová, Knapek, Amir, Šedivý and others are already playing right from start.

Level 1: 100  200 / 200, avg. 50,000, ent.: 23/23

Banco Casino Championship 150,000€ GTD:

Late Registration : 12 levels
10% of the field qualify to Day 2 / 150€ buy-in back after the conclusion of Day 1
All players qualified for Final Day are ITM
Soft drinks and dinner are free of charge for all players
10% fee + 5% staff deducted from the prize pool


Banco Casino Masters 250,000€ GTD:


Banco Casino Championship 150,000€ GTD:

Tanna Delle Tigri 250,000€ GTD:


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