Flight 1C brought 71 entries and we know names of 7 advancing players to day 2. Today´s chipleader is  Dimitrios Nanos with whooping stack of 1,985,000. Today there are two fligts. Flight 1D starts at 15:00 and flight 1E starts at 22:00. At 17:00 there is Highroller start scheduled. We are looking forward to see you.

Chipcounts 1C:

4:15 Desset did it just for me

Ersin Sancak shoved his last about 150,000 with Ax 5x and Desset just for me called from blinds with 9x 6x. Even before the flop Dominik announced he already has two pair, which was true especially after the river 9x 6x 5x Qx Jx. What a sorcerery !

Level 18: 15,000 – 35,000 / 35,000, avg. 887,500, ent.: 8/71

3:40 Bednár out

Bednár got his 185,000 in with Ad 9d against Nanos with pocket sevens. Board 7d 2d Js Jd As brought flush to a Bednár but against full house of greece player it was not good enough.

3:36 All in and a call

Roland got his stack in from sb into a Bednár, who surprisingly called. Both tabled pocket eigths and board didn´t bring flush to neither of them and game goes on.

Level 17: 15,000 – 30,000 / 30,000, avg. 788,889, ent.:9/71

Break 15 minút

3:15 Seven deuce twice

Once for Szetei, once for Desset... no change in game though.

3:00 Action slowed down

We dont see much flops anymore and game got little bit nitty. In last hand there was about 80,000 in the pot and flop 3d 8d 5x was checked. On the turn 5h Szetei bets 25,000 and Bednár calls. On the river Tc Szetei bets again very small ammount and Bednár folds

Level 16: 10,000 -  25,000 / 25,000, avg. 788,889, ent.: 9/71

2:40 Desset got Szetei´s blind sucesfully

Desset opens to 70,000 and Peso tanks for maybe a minute. After long torture he decided to fold.

2:20 I´d love to push, get called and win

Words of Vlado Bednár, few moments ago, as only short on last table of flight 1C.

Level 15: 10,000 – 20,000 / 20,000, avg. 788,889, ent.: 9/71

2:00 Bednár rejams

Szetei opens his button for 35,000 and Bednár in sb rejams 245,000. After few moments, Szetei folds and Bednár second time in row took down the pot without showdown. Or flop. Ha-ha.

1:45 Aziz trying his thing

Aziz limped and Nanos in bb only checked. On the flop Jh 8d 4c Aziz bets 31,000 and Dimitrios calls. Turn Qc goes check check and on the river 5d Nanos bets 65,000. Aziz prepared chips for raise to 220,000, but after a while folded his hand.

Level 14: 8,000 – 16,000 / 16,000, avg. 507,143, ent.: 14/71

1:35 Szetei in good shape with aces

On the turn 5x Qx Jx Jx Szetei jams remaining 125,000 into a pot of around 360,000. Ersin tanked a bit and decided toc all with Kx Tx. River 2x didn´t crack Szetei´s aces and he got rewarded a nice pot.

1:20 Braňo Ondruš triple up

Braňo got his 72,000 in with Qh 2h from bb against Ilija with Ax Kx and Nanos that held pocket jacks. Board Tx 4x 3x Qx 7x hit for Braňo and he tripled up his 72,000. Nanos took 273,000 from sidepot and Ilija still has some chips left.

Level 13: 6,000 – 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 473,333, ent.: 15/71

Break 15 min

00:30 Tank mode for Robert Schneider

On the flop Kh 2h Th there was 45,000 in the pot and Robert goes with a bet of 50,000. Vitalii folds and Moldaschl calls. Turn 9h brought a bet of 100,000 from Robert and Jurgen responded with all in of about 150,000 more and was heavily covering Robert. After long time, Schneider decided his hand has to go.

00:20 3-bet push

Desset opens from EP to 20,000 and Libo rejams about 150,000. Blinds folds and Desset pass his hand too.

Level 12: 5,000 – 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 377,778, ent.: 18/68

00:00 Flip

Two netherlands players got it in with pocket nines of smaller stack and Ax Qx held by bigger stack. Blank board held for pair combination.

23:45 Besamusca out

On the flop 7x 5x 2x Thomas Lind bets 18,000 to the pot around 40,000. Besamusca rejams 150,000 and Shcherba folds. Lind calls with pocket jacks and Besamusca shows 5x 4x. Blank turn and river sends him out of his seat.

Level 11: 4,000 – 8,000 / 8,000, avg. 319,048, ent.: 21/67

23:35 Shcherba winning with a small bet

On the turn Qh 7h 2c 2x 9x there was 125,000 in the pot and Vitalii bets 39,000. Michiel Besamusca thought about it for couple of minutes and decided to fold.


Level 10: 3,000 – 6,000 / 6,000, avg. 268,000, ent.: 25/67

23:15 Jozef Libo out

Davey Roos opens to 17,000, Libo 3-bets to 55,000 and Davey jams his 253,000 with Kx Kx. Libo snapcalls with Ax Kx and after board 3x 2x Jx 2x Tx couldn´t hit his ace. After counting the stack he had little bit less than Roos and is eliminated.

23:05 Bednár out

Bednár si sadol na stôl s čerstvým stackom a po jednom limpe niekde v Mp raisoval an 15,000. Antonino Karman 3-betol z bb na 65,000, limper zahodil a Bednár s esami poslal. Karman s Qx Qx dorovnal a tretia queena pristála na flope. Zázrak sa nekonal a Vlado kráča po reentry.

Level 9: 2,500 – 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 217,241, ent.: 29/63

Break 15 min

22:35 Aces cracked for Kollár

On the flop 9s 7s Jc there was about 65,000 in the pot and Kollár got it in with pocket aces. Schlesinger called his 85,000 with Tx 8x and after turn Kx and river 5x Kollár has to give up on part of his stack.

22:15 Kollár winning with a 3-bet

Schlesinger opens to 11,000 and Kollár in seat nex to him 3-bets to 35,000. Blinds and Schlesinger folded quickly.

Level 8: 2,000 – 4,000 / 4,000, avg. 182,353, ent.: 34/62

21:55 Mountakis vs Hinterndorfer

On the flop 8s 6d 3h there is 40,000 inside and Stylianos bets 15,000 from the button. Shcherba folds and Herbert calls. Turn Ts and river Jc didn´t bring any action and Herbert shows Tc 7c. Stylianos quietly mucks his hand.

21:45 Jurgen Moldasch all in

On the flop Kc 4c 4s there was 45,000 in the pot and Jurgen jammed his 40,500. Nanos instantly folded and Jurgen show pocket jacks after the hand.

Level 7: 1,500 – 3,500 / 3,500, avg. 164,706, ent.: 35/57

21:20 Fat double up for Roland Boothby !

There was about 100,000 in pot on the flop of 3x 7x 2x and Roland got his approximately 160,000 in with set of sevens against Besamusca with pocket eights. Turn 4x and river Tx held for Roland, so we can surely see some crazy plays in next moments.


Level 6: 1,500 – 3,000 / 3,000, avg. 148,875, ent.: 32/47

21:00 Schlesinger double up

Domenik jumped back in and in last hand on the flop Jc Tc Qh there was about 20,000 in and Strobl bets 15,000. Schlesinger calls and on the turn Th Strobl continues with a bet of 30,000. Schlesinger calls that aswell and on the river 4d Strobl jams for 47,500 Domenik has behind. He calls with Ax Kx and thats enough against Tx 9x held by Strobl. Klaudius lost remaining chips in next hand.

20:50 Domenik Schlesinger out

On the flop 7x 6x Qx about 80,000 ended up behind the line from Domenik with Ax Qx and Libo was calling off with pocket kings. Turn Jx and river Kx eliminated Schlesinger and has to consider option of reentry.

20:40 Qualification to the High Roller is running

Buy in is set to 55€ and 5 ticket in value of 550€ for tommorow´s highroller are guaranteed. 18 out of 30 players is remaining at this moment and late registration is open until 22:20.

Level 5: 1,000 – 2,500 / 2,500, avg. 127,273, ent.: 33/42

Break 30 min

20:00 Miko Vs. Smits

On the river 7d Tc Kc Kh 8s there was more than 60,000 in the pot and Miko bets 20,000. Smits calls and Miko shows Tx 8x. Smits held pocket aces and won the pot.

19:45 Ziegerhofer took multiway pot

On the turn 4d 9c Qh 7d Libo, Papai and Ziegerhofer checks with about 25,000 in the middle. On the river Th all three players checks again, Libo mucks, Papai tables Ax Jx and Ziegerhofer won with pocket eights.

Level 4: 1,000 – 2,000 / 2,000, avg. 116,687, ent.: 30/35

19:25 One for Mikla

On the turn Js 2d 3d 4h there was about 30,000 in the pot and Mikla with Schippers decided not to bet. River Kc brought same action and Mikla shows pocket tens from his bb. Schippers mucked his hand promptly.

19:10 Ziegerhofer took the pot

Blaskovics opens to 4,500 from button, Ziegerhofer and Cuevas from blinds calls. Flop Kd 5d Jh brings c-bet of 5,500 from Blaskovics, Ziegerhofer calls and Cuevas folds. Turn 5c goes check-check and on the river Td Ziegerhofer bets 15,000. Blaskovics slowly folded.

Level 3: 1,000 – 1,500 / 1,500, avg. 114,793, ent.: 29/33


18:45 Herocall that went wrong

On the river 5h 3h Tc 3d Kh there was 33,000 in the pot and Ralbovský was facing  all in for his about 50,000. After some time Ralbovský decided to call with 6x 5x but Mikla held Ax 3x and won this pot.

18:30 You can see whats going on at Banco Casino Bratislava at following links:

Banco Casino Instagraminstagram.com/bancocasinoBA/

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Web page: http://www.bancocasino.sk/web/

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Level 2: 500 – 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 100,000, ent.: 25/25

18:25 Prikulovic took one of early pots

On the flop 6x 2x 5x there was about 17,000 in the pot and Dejan bets 25,000. Ziegerhofer and Sood folded quickly.

18:10 Early registrations

At start of tournament i can see Davey Roos, Jozef Libo, Franz Ziegerhofer, Ivan Gross, Peter Ralboský and others.

Level 1: 500 – 500 / 500, avg. 100,000, ent.: 24/24

The Hendon Mob Championship Grand Final 200,000€ GTD:

10% of the field qualify to Day 2 / 199€ buy-in back after the conclusion of Day 1
All players qualified for Day 2 are ITM
Soft drinks and dinner are free of charge for all players
10% fee + 5% staff deducted from the prize pool

The Hendon Mob Championship Grand Final 200,000€ GTD:

Polish Poker Championship 250,000€ GTD:

Aktuálny BadBeat Jackpot je 76,830€ !

Každý kto hra výherné prístroje s Banco Kartou bude odmenený až do výšky 10%!

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