LIVE REPORT: 15K One Day Event 15.000€ GTD

Sznajder Piotr is the winner of the 15K ONE DAY EVENT, which has recorded 119 entries. He took home after heads up deal 3.520€ including a €130 ticket on Fifty Grand and also trophy for the winner.

5:45 2. place - Hanzen Samuel - 2.880€ including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand

In the last game of the tournament, Sznajder limps and Hanzen sends 2m, which Sznajder calls with KTs. Hanzen turns over A6o, but this all in could not have turned out any other way than Sznajder's win, and the tournament ends.

Sznajder: KTs
Hanzen: A6o

Board: T-9-4-8-T

Live report | Banco Casino Košice

Heads up deal:

Sznajder - 9,550,000
Hanzen - 2,350,000

Players agree to split €2,880 evenly and play for €640 + trophy

5:27 3. place - Varga Miroslav - 1.515€including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand

Varga gets his 700k stack into game with KTo, but Sznajder finds AKs under his hand and after board without T ends in the tournament.

Sznajder: AKs
Varga: KTo

Board: 8-4-2-6-7

FIFTY GRAND: Prvým piatim finalistom kraľuje Miroslav Varga - SpadePoker

5:25 4. place - Malinski Dacjusz - 1.010€ including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand

Sznajder raises to 300k and Malinski sends 540k, which Sznajder calls with K♥9♥. Malinski holds A5o, but the now invincible Sznajder flops a flush and Malinski folds.

Malinski: A5o
Sznajder: K♥ 9♥

Board: T♥ 8♥ 6♥ 5♦ A♠

LIVE REPORT: KOŠICE WEEKEND 20.000€ GTD | Banco Casino Košice

Level 24: 60,000 - 120,000 - 120,000, avg. 2,975,000, ent.: 4/119


Short break


5:10 5. place - Fron Bartlomiej - 800€ including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand

Sznajder lims utg, Varga sb and Fron sends from bb 1,2m, which Sznajder pays with 54s. Fron turns over A8o, but Sznajder hits a 5 on the flop and after a blank runoff Fron ends before the break.

Fron: A8o
Sznajder: 54s

Board: K-5-3-6-4

5:05 Another for Sznajder

Hanzen minraises and Sznajder pays on the bb. Flop T♦ 9♥ 7♦ cbets Hanzen 125k which gets paid, turn 5♦ same action for 240k, but on river 6♥ Sznajder bets 1bb which Hanzen calls, but Sznajder turns over J8o and takes the pot.

4:50 Stacks

Sznajder - 6,2m
Varga - 1,2m
Fron - 1,3m
Malinski - 1m
Hanzen - 2,4m

4:45 Sznajder increases chiplead

Pot after pot towards Sznajder, who is currently chipleader.

Level 23: 50,000 - 100,000 / 100,000, avg. 2,380,000, ent.: 5/119

4:26 Sznajder takes from Malinski

4players got into the game for 1bb. Flop K-7-4 was no action, turn A checked to Malinski who bets 125k and Sznajder check raises to 600k, which gets paid. The river J is again no action, Sznajder turns over A4o, which is enough for A8s.

4:22 6. place - Kapalka Krystian - 664€

Sznajder limps, Varga completes sb and Kapalka checks. On the flop Q-7-6 after the check, Kapalka sends 300k, which only Varga pays with A7o. Kapalka holds 62s and calls after the blank turn and river.

Kapalka: 62s
Varga: A7o

Board: Q-7-6-5-T

LIVE REPORT: FIFTY GRAND 50.000€ GTD FINAL DAY | Banco Casino Košice

GPC vol IV. in September!

Level 22: 40,000 - 80,000 / 80,000, avg. 1,983,333, ent.. 6/119

4:10 Double for Malinski

Sznajder limped the button and Malinski raises sb to 180k, which Sznajder calls. On a flop of T♦ 9♦ 2♥, Malinski sends 670k over the line and Sznajder calls with QTo. But Malinski turns over AA and doubles after a blank runoff.

Malinski: AA
Sznader: QTo

Board: T-9-2-5-5

4:00 8th place - Brzozowski Bartlomiej - 441€, 7th place - Manitou - 535€

Manitou sends 535k, Malisnki calls with a 345k stack and Brzozowski calls with 180k on the bb. In the showdown, Manitou holds AQs, Malinski KK and Brzozowski 77. After a board that best shakes Malinski, Brzozowski ends in the tournament and so does Manitou, who busts on the next hand on bb.

Manitou: AQs
Brzozowski: 77
Malinski: KK

Board: K-7-3-2-8

3:50 River for Varga

After his minraise, Sznajder and Malinski join in on sb. The flop of A-A-8 was no action, on the turn 6 Malinski led 200k, which only Varga paid. River 9 Malinski bets 500k and Varga sends 735k, which Malinski pays with ATo, but Varga turns over A9o and doubles.

Varga: A9o
Malinski: ATo

Board: A-A-8-6-9

Level 21: 30,000 - 60,000 / 60,000, avg. 1,487,500, ent.: 8/119

3:33 Sznajder on chiplead

Kapalka min-raises and after Sznajder calls, Brzozowski sends a stack of about 2m over the line. After the fold, Sznajder decides to call with a stack of 1,770,000 and flips A5s. Brzozowski holds the TT, but an A in the window sends Sznajder to chiplead.

Sznajder: A5s
Brzozowski: TT

Board: A-4-2-J-3

3:25 Same from Manitou

Manitou min raises utg and Sznajder joins in on the button and Hanzen on the bb. Flop 4-3-2 Manitou cbets 100k, which only Sznajder pays, on the turn the Q's switch roles and Manitou check calls 100k and the same on the river 8 225k with JJ. But Sznajder turns the nuts 65s and takes another pot.

Sznajder: 65s
Manitou: JJ

Board: 4-3-2-Q-8

3:15 Sznajder takes it from Varga

After a limp by Sznajder, Varga raises to 175k, which Sznajder calls. A flop of A-8-4 cbet's Varga 100k and Sznajder continues. The turn Q action slows down and on the river Sznajder handily bets 275k, which Varga snap calls. But Sznajder turns over 88 and takes a nice pot.

Level 20: 25,000 - 50,000 / 50,000, avg. 1,487,500, ent.: 8/119

3:00 9. place - Sýkora Radovan - 355€

Sýkora got his 360k stack into play with ATo, but Fron called with AQo. After a board with no T, Sýkora finishes in 9th place.

Sýkora: ATo
Fron: AQo

Board: 9-8-4-4-Q

LIVE REPORT: KOŠICE WEEKEND 20.000€ GTD | Banco Casino Košice


2:38 10. place - Wojtas Damian - 285€

Wojtas sends 490k from CO behind the line with JTs and Manitou calls with AJo after a while in the blind. The flop brings a T, but also an A and after a blank turn and river we move to the final table.

Manitou: AJo
Wojtas: JTs

Board: A-T-5-K-8

2:33 3outs for Brzozowski

A 515k moves all in from the CO with A5o and Fron calls with QQ on the small. But the flop brings A, which keeps Brzozowski in the tournament.

Brzozowski: A5o
Fron: QQ

Board: A-6-5-4-8

Level 19: 20,000 - 40,000 / 40,000, avg. 1,190,000, ent.: 10/119

2:25 Brzozowski doubles short

Manitou raises to 75k and Brzozowski sends 265k from the blind, which Manitou calls with 9♥8♥. Brzozowski turns over K-Qo and after a safe flop of K-J-2 and a blank the turn continues the tournament.

Brzozowski: KQo
Manitou: 89s

Board: K-J-2-3-A

2:08 11. place - Gal Norbert - 285€

Varga min raises utg and after Sykora called, Gal sends 325k into the game from the bb. Varga repushes and turns 33 after the fold. Gal holds AJo and needs to hit the board, which he can't do, plus Varga hits a set and Gal is out.

Gal: AJo
Varga: 33

Board: 8-7-2-3-9

Level 18: 15,000 - 30,000 / 30,000, avg. 1,081,818, ent.: 11/119

1:58 12. place - Meszáros Laszlo - 230€

Brzozowski starts the hand with a raise to 55k, which was joined by Fron and Meszaros on the button. A flop of J♠ 3♣ 2♠ cbets Brzozowski 65k, which they both called. The turn T♣ is checked to Meszáros, who sends 415k across the line. After the fold, Fron thinks longer and calls with A♣ K♣ and is ahead against 6♠ 5♠ on Meszáros' hand. The river J♦ changes nothing and Meszáros is out.

Meszáros: 6♠ 5♠
Fron: A♣ K♣

Board: J♠ 3♣ 2♠ T♣ J♦

LIVE REPORT: BSOP #3 20.000€ GTD | Banco Casino Košice

1:50 13. place - Sartet - 230€

Sartet opened to 55k that Varga called from the button and Sznajder called from the bb. A flop of Q♦J♦3♥ sends Sartet 215k, which pays only Varga. Sartet turns over KQo, but Varga QQs and after a blank turn Sartet ends.

Sartet: KQo
Varga: QQ

Board: Q-J-3-6-2

LIVE REPORT: FIFTY GRAND DAY 1/A | Banco Casino Košice

1:42 Bubble boy - Stelmach

He started the game with a minraise with a 400k stack on Hanzen's bb, who moves all in with a 2m stack, which Stelmach snap calls with AKo. Hanzen turns 4♣ 3♣, flop Q♣ J♦ 9♣ brings him a flushdraw, turn 2♥ changes nothing, but river 4♥ ends the bubble.

Hanzen: 4♣ 3♣
Stelmach: AKo

Board: Q♣ J♦ 9♣ 2♥ 4♥

1:32 Well played

Meszaros min-raises, Sukiennik 3bets to 175k, which Manitou cold calls. Flop 7-5-2 after a 150k cbet sends Manitou 450k effective, which Sukiennik snap calls with KK. Manitou turns over AQo and manages to hit A on the turn and we move to the bubble.

Sukiennik: KK
Manitou: AQo

Board: 7-5-2-A-3 

1:25 Huge double for Hanzen

After a series of raises, Sukiennik 6bet jams 975k effective with AKo, but Hanzen held AA under his hand. The flop brings a K, but the turn and river hold Hanzen, who rises to chiplead.

Hanzen: AA
Sukiennik: AKo

Board: K-9-2-5-8

Level 17: 10,000 - 25,000 / 25,000, avg. 793,333., ent.: 15/119

1:18 4-way

Bomba sends 95k, Meszaros and Sukiennik called, and Majlo rejams 160k from the bb, which they both call. Board K♥ 4♥ 2♦ 5♥ Q♦ brings no action and in the showdown Meszaros holds the winning hand and eliminates 2 players.

Meszaros: JJ
Majlo: TT
Bomba: 87s
Sukiennik: AJo

Board: K-4-2-5-Q


1:01 Double seat open

Sirotnak sends in his remaining 110k on the next hand, which pays Hruby from the small and Sznajder from the bb. On a flop of J♦ 8♥ 5♥ Hruby sends all in 380k, which Sznajder snap calls and turns over A♥ Q♥. Hruby holds K♣J♠ and Sirotnak 55, but the turn 6♥ and the blank river eliminates both players.

Sirotnak: 55
Hruby: KJo
Sznajder: A♥ Q♥

Board: J♦ 8♥ 8♥ 5♥ 6♥ K♣

1:00 River for Hruby

Sirotnak opens from the button and Hruby sends 230k from the bb, which is snapped by Sirotnak with JJ. Hruby turns over A♥J♥, flop Q♥ 9♥ 6♠ brings him a flushdraw, turn 2♦ changes nothing, but river 8♥ keeps Hruby in the game.

Hruby: A♥ J♥
Sirotnak: JJ

Board: Q♥ 9♥ 6♠ 2♦ 8♥

0:55 Majlo to short

Majlo finds himself preflop all in from 480k in a confrontation of button vs sb. He holds AJo in the showdown, but Fron has found AKo. After a board with no J, Majlo falls to about 100k stack.

Majlo: AJo
Fron: AKo

Board: T-6-4-A-7

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Level 16: 10,000 - 20,000 / 20,000, avg. 595,000, ent.: 20/119


Break 15 minutes


0:30 Double for Meszaros

Varga opens from HJ, Meszaros 3bets from the button and Varga 4bet sends 440k effective, which Meszaros calls with 99. Varga holds a lower pair of 55 and after a 9 on the flop Meszaros doubles up.

Mesharos: 99

Board: J-9-6-2-7

0:20 Sirotnak triples

Posivak opened from the ep and Majlo and Sirotnak joined in on the blinds. A flop of 4♣ 3♦ 3♥ cbet Pošivák 50k and after a call from Majlo, Sirotňák sends 92k across the line, which they both call. On the turn Q♥ Pošivák bets 175k, to which Majlo folds. He holds AA in the showdown, but Sirotnak T3o, who triples after a blank river.

Orphan: T3o
Pošivák: AA

Board: 4-3-3-Q-6

0:10 Three outs for Pošivák

Sirotnak opens to 35k from the mp and Pošivák sends 194k from the CO, which Sirotnak calls with AQo after a while. Pošivák turns over Q9o and manages to hit a 9 on the flop and doubles up after a second on the river.

Pošivák: Q9o
Orphan: AQo

Board: T-9-4-5-9

Level 15: 8,000 - 16,000 / 16,000, avg. 517,391, ent.: 23/119

0:00 Malinski on 1m stack

After an opener from Varga and a call from Vanyo, Malinski 3bets to 100k from the bb, which both players called. On a flop of A♣ 6♦ 3♦ Malinski sends 363k, which after a fold from Varga, Vanyo pays with Q♦ 5♦ and needs to hit his draw against A♠ K♦. The turn T♣ as well as the river 7♥ keeps Malinski in the tournament.

Malinski: A♠ K♦
Vanyo: Q♦ 5♦

Board: A♣ 6♦ 3♦ T♣ 7♥

23:55 Bvb

Scibor sends a 130k stack into play from the small blind and Varga snap calls with QTs on the bb. Scibor holds ATo so Varga needs to hit 3 outs, which he does on a Q-5-5 flop, but the turn A and blank river keeps Scibor in the game.

Scibor: ATo
Varga: QTs

Board: Q-5-5-A-3

23:40 0% on the turn

Hanzen opens from the utg and Porczak sends all in for 150k from the blind, which Hanzen snap calls with JJ. Porczak turns over 77, but the flop brings a set for Hanzen, who knocks Porczak out of the tournament after the blank turn.

Porczak: 77
Hanzen: JJ

Board: J-9-6-4-3

Level 14: 6,000 - 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 440,741, ent.: 27/119

Banco Casino Košice has prepared a Fifty Grand tournament with a guarantee of €50,000 and a buy-in of €130. This tournament will take place from 18.07. - 21.07.2024!

23:25 Time for Sykora

He started the game with a raise to 25k, which Magyar joined. A flop of K♠ 9♦ 6♥ cbets Sýkora 30k, to which Magyar sends a 160k stack over the line. Sýkora thinks for a few minutes and decides to call with Q♥ 9♥, but Magyar holds K♣ Q♣ and doubles up after a blank runoff.

Magyar: KQs
Sýkora: Q9s

Board: K-9-6-T-4

23:15 Varga´s 3barrel

Gajdos min-raises and Varga 3bets to 60k in position, which Gajdos calls. A flop of J♣ 7♣ 7♥ cbets Varga 35k, which Gajdos calls, the turn K♣ action is repeated for 50k and on the river 8♥ Varga bets 175k. Gajdos thinks for a while longer, but folds.

Level 13: 5,000 - 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 340,000, ent.: 35/119

22:55 Koryl out

Wojtas sends 85k effective from the button with A♣3♣ and Koryl calls with AJo on the bb. A flop of 5-4-9 brings outs for Wojtas, the turn 5 does the same on the split and after a 2 on the river Koryl is out of the tournament.

Koryl: AJo
Wojtas: A3s

Board: 9-5-4-5-2

22:45 Chances for a split as well

Meszaros opened to 20k and after a call Trembecki 3bets to 55k. Meszaros sends all in for 112k, which Trembecki calls with JJ after the fold, but Meszaros turns over QQ. A flop of 8-8-8 changes nothing, the turn K brings outs to split, but the river 3 doubles Meszáros' stack.

Meszáros: QQ
Trembecki: JJ

Board: 8-8-8-K-3

LIVE REPORT: BSOP #3 20.000€ GTD | Banco Casino Košice

Level 12: 4,000 - 8,000 / 8,000, avg. 290,244, ent.: 41/119


1. €4.000 including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand
2. €2.400 including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand
3. €1,515 including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand
4. €1,010 including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand
5. €800 including 130€ ticket to the Fifty Grand
6. 664€ 
7. 535€
8. 441€
9. 355€

10. - 11. 285€
12. - 13. 230€

22:22 2 successful flips for Glodzik

In both he held a pair, in the first hand he sends 81k with pocket eights and Stupar calls as the only one with KQo. The numerical board doubles Glodzik's stack to get his 171k stack back in play a few hands later with J♥ J♦ and his opponent was Koryl with A♦ Q♠. He flopped A♥ 4♥ 4♦ but the turn 6♥ and river 7♥ brought a flush for Glodzik, who doubled up again.

Glodzik: 88
Stupar: KQo

Board: 7-6-2-4-9

Glodzik: J♥ J♦
Koryl: A♦ Q♠

Board: A♥ 4♥ 4♦ 6♥ 7♥

22:18 Never easy

Strycharz sends in 55k all in and after a call from Janosik, Gajdos repush over 300k from the bb. Janosik thinks for a while longer, but finally decides to fold and after showing Gajdos KK, he calls a good fold with AK. Strychrz holds T9s and after a flop of J-8-2 he has a couple of outs to win, but the turn and river don't help him.

Gajdos: KK
Strycharz: T9s

Board: J-8-2-3-8

Level 11: 3,000 - 6,000 / 6,000, avg. 228,846, ent.: 52/119


Break 30 minutes


21:25 Majlo vs Varga 2:0

Varga opened CO and Majlo def. Flop Q♦ 6♣ 4♣ cbets Varga 7.5k, Majlo check raises to 25.5k and Varga sends 84k over the line, which Majlo snap calls with Q7o. Varga holds 75s, but the turn 9 and river Q holds Majlo.

Majlo: Q7o
Varga: 75s

Board: Q-6-4-9-Q

LIVE REPORT: FIFTY GRAND DAY 1/A | Banco Casino Košice

21:20 Bvb

Porzcak completes and calls Stupar's raise to 18k. On a flop of A♦7♥5♥ Porzcak jammed 53k, which Stupar called with AJo. Porzcak holds the draw 9♥ 4♥, but a blank runout sends him for a reentry.

Porzczak: 9♥ 4♥
Stopper: AJo

Board: A♦ 7♥ 5♥ 5♣ 9♦

21:10 Sirotňák flops

Stupar started the hand with a min-raise, which involved Sitortnak in position and Martincek on the bb. The flop of A♦ 9♦ 6♦ was no action, on the turn 9♥ Stupár bets 15k, which they both called. The river 2♣ was checked to Sirotňák who bets 30k, which Stupar calls, but Sirotňák turns over K♦ T♦ and takes the pot. 

Level 10: 2,500 - 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 194,118, ent.: 51/99

20:50 Majlo doubles

Varga min raises CO and after a call Majlo sends 91.5k from the bb, which is called by Varga with pair 33. But Majlo holds a higher pair of 99 and doubles after a board with no 3.

Varga: 33
Majlo: 99

Board: A-A-8-4-J

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20:40 Stupár´s 3barrel

He started the hand with a min-raise from CO and Manitou defended the bb. Flop Q♦ T♠ 2♦ cbet 10k by Stupar, which Manitou called and action was repeated for 25k on the turn K♦ and 60k on the river K♠. Stupar turns over A♣9♠, but Manitou takes the pot with KJo.

Manitou: KJo
Stupar: A9o

Board: Q-T-2-K-K

Level 9: 2,500 - 5,000 / 5,000, avg. 177,778, ent.: 54/96

20:25 Gajdoš holds

Three players werw on the flop J♠ 4♦ 3♠, where Gajdos bet 20k, which was called only by Corba. On the turn 5♦ Gajdoš already moves all in 100k effective, which Čorba calls with a draw Q♠ 7♠. Gajdos turns over AJo and after 2♦ on the river he knocks out Čorba.

Chorba: Q♦ 7♦
Gajdos: AJo

Board: J♠ 4♦ 3♠ 5♦ 2♦

LIVE REPORT: FIFTY GRAND 50.000€ GTD FINAL DAY | Banco Casino Košice

20:18 Aces to the muck

After a 10k opener, Morimoto sends a 43.5k stack over the line with K♣ Q♣ and Oros repushes from the blind. After the fold, he turns over aces, leaving Morimoto in need of a lot of help. A flop of K-T-6 brings him outs and a second king on the turn sends him into the lead. The river changes nothing and Morimoto rises to the starting stack.

Morimoto: KQs
Oros: AA

Board: K-T-6-K-J

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Level 8: 2,000 - 4,000 / 4,000, avg. 165,455, ent.: 55/91

19:55 Doubles in first hand

Manitou raises to 7.5k and Corba sends all in on the first hand with his new stack. Manitou thinks longer and calls with 77, but Corba turns 99 and doubles up after a 9 on the flop.

Chorba: 99
Manitou: 77

Board: 9-6-3-3-J

19:48 Easy double up

After an opener from HJ for 7.5k, Meety 3bets to 20k from CO and Wenzl sends 54k from the button over the line, which Meety calls with A♦ 5♦.Wenzl turns over QQ and after a Q high flop, he double ups.

Wenzl: QQ
Meety: A5s

Board: Q-T-6-2-4

19:40 Hervat doubles

Orosz opens from the ep and Hervat sends a 69k stack over the line from the blind, which Orosz calls with AKs. Unfortunately, Hervat turns over KK and after a board with no aces doubles up.

Orosz: AKs
Hervat: KK

Board: 9-8-6-J-9

Level 7: 1,500 - 3,000 / 3,000, avg. 157,692, ent.: 52/82

19:27 Pot for Glodzik

Vanyo opens from the utg, Sykora calls from the button and Glodzik calls from the bb. Flop J♥ J♣ 9♥ after a 10k cbet and called, Glodzik check raises to 35k, which is called only by Vanyo. Turn 2♦ continued Glodzik for 50.5k and Vanyo calls again, but on the river Q♥ after 106.5k all in Vanyo throws cards away.

19:20 Trembecki takes on the river

Teliatnykov opens from the ep and is joined by Morimoto and Trembecki on the bb. Flop 5♠ 4♦ 3♣ cbets Teliatnykov 11k, which they both call, turn Q♦ action repeated for 20k, but on river 9♥ Trembecki opts for leadshove 57.5k, to which both players quickly fold their cards.

19:10 Gajdos was victorious

He started the game with a raise from utg, which involved Porczak and the player on bb. A flop of J♠ 7♥ 3♥ cbets Gajdoš 10k, which only Porczak called, the turn J♥ slowed the action, but on the river J♣ Gajdoš asks for 15k. Porczak calls after a while, but mucks when Gajdoš turns TT.

Level 6: 1,000 - 2,500 / 2,500, avg. 141,818, ent.: 55/78


Break 30 minutes


18:25 Three outs for Manitou

Porczak min raises and after a call Manitou 3bets from the small blind to 11k. Action folds back to Porczak who moves all in, which after a fold Manitou calls and turns over AJs. Porzcak holds kings, but A in the window and the board without a king doubles Manitou's 115k stack.

Manitou: AJs
Porzcak: KK

Board: A-Q-7-9-2

18:20 Money card

On the turn K♥ 7♣ 5♥ 9♠ was only about 20k in the pot, but Vanyo and Sýkora ended up all in after raises. Sykora turns over K9o, but Vanyo nuts 86o and doubles his 141k stack after a blank river.

Vanyo: 86o
Sykora: K9o

Board: K-7-5-9-J

18:05 Stupar eliminates

Manitou opens to 5.2k, Corba sends 21.4k over the line, which Stupar calls on the bb. Manitou thinks for a moment, but folds. Showdown, Stupar holds AJo, Corba Q♦ 2♦, to which the flop of 8♦ 8♠ 5♦ brings a flushdraw, the turn 2♣ sends him into the lead, but the river J♣ knocks him out.

Corba: Q♦ 2♦
Stupar: AJo

Board: 8♦ 8♠ 5♦ 2♣ J♣

Level 5: 1,000 - 2,000 / 2,000, avg.122,222, ent.: 54/66

GPC vol IV. in September!

17:50 Without showdown

Slowik started the hand with a raise to 4k, with Pošivák and Hanzen joining in. Flop Q♠ 6♦ 5♦ after the check, Pošivák bets 4.5k, which both players called. The turn A♣ slows the action and on the river 8♣ Slowik leads 15k, which Pošivák snap calls. Hanzen folds and Slowik immediately mucks, making the pot for Pošivak.

Level 4: 800 - 1,600 / 1,600, avg. 120,833, ent.: 48/58

17:25 Pot for Vanyo

Vanyo limps and Hanzen raises to 3.6k, which Tocikova calls and so does Vanyo. Flop A♣ T♦ 4♣ cbets Hanzen 5k, which only pays Vanyo. The turn 2♣ slows the action and on the river 5♥ Vanyo opts for an 11k lead, which Hanzen snap calls with ATo, but Vanyo turns a straight 3♠ 2♠ and takes the pot.

Vanyo: 3♠ 2♠
Hanzen: ATo

Board: A♠ T♦ 4♣ 2♣ 5♥

17:15 Second barrel convinced

Wojtas started the hand with a raise to 3k from HJ and after two calls, Frenchko 3bets to 15k from the blind, which Wojtas called only. A flop of T♥ 8♠ 2♦ cbets Frenchko 8.5k, which Wojtas calls, but on the turn T♠ after 51k all in Wojtas folds after a while.


Level 3: 600 - 1,200 / 1,200, avg. 115,217, ent.: 46/53

16:58 Bvb

After series or raises ended up in preflop all in Stupár against Hustler for 75k. In showdown Hustler holds A♥ T♥, but Stupár finds aces under his hand, however flop 6♥ 5♥ 3♥ wasn´t good for Stupár and after turn 7♥ and river 9♦ ends.

Stupár: AA
Hustler: A♥ T♥

Board: 6♥ 5♥ 3♥ 7♥ 9♦

16:42 Hanzen's 3barrel

Stupar starts the hand with a min-raise and Hanzen 3bets to 6.5k from the button, which Stupar calls. Flop 8♣ 3♣ 2♥ Stupar called 4k cbet, on the turn K♥ also second barrel 13k and on the river A♣ Hanzen opts to shove 52.7k effective, which Stupar calls after a few seconds. Hanzen announces "you win" and Stupar turns over K♣ T♥ which was enough on Q♠ J♦.

Hanzen: Q♠ J♦
Stupar: K♣ T♥

Board: 8♣ 3♣ 2♥ K♥ A♣

Poker Tournaments in July!
Next week is prepared tournament Saturday Special with 5.000€ GTD, then favorite Fifty Grand with 50.000€ GTD and at the end of the month KW Warm up 5.000€ GTD and also Košice Weekend with 20.000€ GTD!

Level 2: 500 - 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 104,878, ent.: 41/43

16:22 First seat open

Three players were in the game for 5.5k on a flop of Q♠ T♦ 9♦, where Tamaskovic bets 10k in position and after a fold Meszaros check raises to 25k. Tamaskovic moves all in 70k effective, which Mesharos snap calls with 99, but Tamaskovic turns TT and after a blank runoff Meszaros goes for the reentry.

Meszáros: 99
Tamaskovic: TT

Board: Q-T-9-5-6

16:07 From the beginning

Abrudan, Hervát, Kapalka, Meszáros, Stefano, Wojtas or Vanyo started the tournament from the first level.

16:05 Tournament started!

15K ONE DAY EVENT tournament just started! Who´s gonna be the champion? Watch the live report.

Level 1: 500 - 1,000 / 1,000, avg. 100,000, ent.: 22/22

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