Silvia Kudrikova is the winner of the GPC 100.000 GTD, which recorded 706 entries and she took home 16.406€ including ticket on KW 20.000€ GTD and also trophy for winner!

06:20 Runner up - Kerekes Zoltan Csaba - 9811€ ticket on KW included

Kerekes raises to 1,5M and Kudrikova 3bets to 5,5M, which Kerekes calls. Flop A-K-Q Kudrikova cbets 4M and Kerekes jams 10M, which Kudrikova calls with K-K, Kerekes holds A-J and after river we get to know new GPC CHAMPION.

Kudrikova: K-K
Kerekes: A-J

Board: A-K-Q-3-4

06:15 Kudrikova doubles

Kudrikova raises from SB to 1,5M and Kerekes 3bets to 5M, Kudrikova jams 10M and Kerekes calls. In showdown Kudrikova holds pocket jacks and Kerekes A-K. After blank board Kudrikova doubles.

Kudrikova: J-J
Kerekes: A-K

Board: 2-2-4-8-3

06:00 3rd place - Hudacek Igor - 11 567€ ticket on KW included

Hudacek opens to 1M and Kerekes defends. Flop J-6-5 Hudacek cbets 1M and Kerekes raises to 3,5M, Hudacek shoves 12M, which Kerekes calls with pocket sixes. Hudacek holds pocket fives and after river ends.

Hudacek: 5-5
Kerekes: 6-6

Board: J-6-5-2-8

05:40 Hudacek doubles

Hudacek BvB jams 5M and Kudrikova on BB calls with A-3, but is behind against A-K on Hudacek's hand. After river Hudacek doubles.

Hudacek: A-K
Kudrikova: A-3

Board: K-J-4-K-2

Level 33: 250,000 - 500,000 / 500,000, avg. 11 766 677, ent.: 3/706

05:20 4th place - Falowski Bartlomiej Kacper - 9 048€ ticket on KW included

Falowski jams last 3M and Hudacek on BB calls with A-9. Falowski holds K-5 and after river ends on 4th place.

Falowski: K-5
Hudacek: A-9

Board: J-4-4-6-3

05:15 5th place - Kis Krisztian Mark - 10 011€ ticket on KW included

Kis completes SB and Hudacek checks. Flop K-9-5 Kis bets 1M and Hudacek jams 5M eff. and Kis calls with K-2, Hudacek holds two pair 9-5 and after river eliminates Kis.

Kis: K-2
Hudacek: 9-5

Board: K-9-5-3-T


Hudacek - 9,7M - 11 567€

Kudrikova - 7,9M - 10 724€

Falowski . 4,95M - 9 048€

Kerekes - 6,2M - 9811€

Kis - 6,55M - 10 011€

Player will play for remaining 5 602€

04:51 6th place - Zakhar Peter - 4 650€ ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

Zakhar jams from BT 3,5M and Hudacek on SB calls. Zakhar shows Td 9d and Hudacek pocket nines. Board without ten means, that Zakhar ends on 6th place.

Zakhar: Td 9d
Hudacek: 9-9

Board: K-7-4-2-8

Level 32: 200,000 - 400,000 / 400,000, avg. 5 883 333, ent.: 6/706

Break 15 mintes

04:20 7th place - Renecki Jaroslaw - 3 643€ ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

Renecki jams BvB 1,4M and Zakhar on BB calls with Jd 7d. Renecki holds queens, flop comes J-9-3, turn 7 favours Zakhar and after river T Renecki ends on 7th place.

Renecki: Q-Q
Zakhar: Jd 7d

Board: J-9-3-7-T

04:00 Falowski doubles

Falowski jams from SB 1,2M and Kerekes calls with K-Q. Falowski holds A-Q and after river doubles.

Level 31: 150,000 - 300,000 / 300,000, avg. 5 042 857, ent.: 7/706

03:50 Falowski on short

Falowski opens to 500k and Renecki jams 2,4M and Falowski calls with Ah Jh. Renecki holds Ks Qs, flop A-K-Q favours Renecki and after river he doubles and Falowski falls on last blinds.

Falowski: Ah Jh
Renecki: Ks Qs

Board: A-K-Q-9-2

03:37 Zakhar doubles

In BvB situation Zakhar jams 1,5M and Hudacek calls with A-T. Zakhar holds K-9, turn brings king and after river doubles.

Zakhar: K-9
Hudacek: A-T

Board: 6-J-7-K-2

03:30 8th place - Kenyeres Richard Janos - 2 704 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

Kenyeres opens to 625k and Kudrikova defends. Flop Qc 9c 4s Kenyeres cbets 700k and Kudrikova jams 2M eff.. Kenyeres thinks for a while and calls with pocket tens. Kudrikova holds Tc 8c, turn 7s bring more outs for Kudrikova and river 3c completes her flush and she eliminates Kenyeres on 8th place.

Kenyeres: T-T
Kudrikova: Tc 8c

Board: Qc 9c 4s 7s 3c

Level 30: 125,000 - 250,000 / 250,000, avg. 4 412 500, ent.: 8/706

03:13 Zakhar fall on last blinds

Zakhar Bvb jams 1,625M eff. and Hudacek calls with Kh 7h. Zakhar holds pocket nines, but flop K-6-K is not good for him, turn and river did not bring nine and Zakhar falls on last 7BB.

Zakhar: 9-9
Hudacek: Kh 7h

Board: K-6-K-3-4

03:10 Renecki doubles

Renecki jams from SB 2,175M and Zakhar on BB calls with pocket sixes. Renecki holds Q-T, flop comes A-T-2 and after river Renecki doubles.

Renecki: Q-T
Zakhar: 6-6

Board: A-T-2-7-2

03:00 Falowski doubles

Zakhar opens to 400k, Kudrikova from SB 3bets to 1,5M and Falowski jams 1,425M, Zakhar folds. Falowski holds pocket tens and Kudrikova A-Q. Flip managed better Falowski and doubles.

Falowski: T-T
Kudrikova: A-Q

Board: K-6-9-3-2

02:50 Kerekes vs. Kenyeres

Kerekes limps from BT and Kenyeres raises from SB to 700k and Kerekes calls. Flop Jd 6s 8s is checked, turn 7d Kenyeres bets 800k and Kerekes calls. River 6h is checked by both, Kenyeres shows Kh 5d, but Kerekes takes pot with Ah 5h.

Kerekes: Ah 5h
Kenyeres: Kh 5d

Board: Jd 6s 8s 7d 6h

02:40 9th place - Okonski Mieszko - 1 813 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

Kudrikova opens to 400k and Okonski from SB jams 525k, Hudacek on BB calls and Kudrikova also. Board Jd Kd Qh 6d 9d is checked till river. Okonski shows Ah 3h, Hudacek 7c 4c and Kudrikova takes pot with pocket eights.

Kudrikova: 8h 8s
Okonski: Ah 3h
Hudacek: 7c 4c

Board: Jd Kd Qh 6d 9d

Level 29: 100,000 - 200,000 / 200,000, avg. 3 922 222, ent.: 9/706

Break 15 minutes

02:15 Hudacek doubles

Kis jams 2,2M and Hudacek on CO goes all in 1,1M. Kis holds A-Q, but Hudacek A-A, flop 2-5-4 makes some hope for Kis to split, but turn 9 and river 2 doubles Hudacek's stack.

Kis: A-Q
Hudacek: A-A

Board: 2-5-4-9-2

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02:10 Pot for Kenyeres

Kenyeres opens from UTG+2 to 320k and Hudacek defends. Flop Qd 6s Ts Kenyeres cbets 225k and Hudacek calls. Turn 3h Kenyeres bets 315k and Hudacek calls again. River 9c both players check, Hudacek shows T-8, but Kenyeres takes pot with Qc 2c.

Kenyeres: Qc 2c
Hudacek: T-8

Board: Qd 6s Ts 3h 9c

01:55 Falowski doubles

Kerekes opens to 380k and Falowski defends. Flop 8c Kc 7d both players check, turn 6d Falowski jams 805k and Kerekes snaps with one chip. Falowski holds 5d 4d, Kerekes jacks and after river Falowski doubles.

Kerekes: Js Jh
Falowski: 4d 5d

Board: 8c Kc 7d 6d Th

Level 28: 80,000 - 160,000 / 160,000, avg. 3 922 222, ent.: 9/706

01:40 Better ace high

Zakhar opens to 250k and Kis defends. Flop Jc 4c 4d Zakhar cbets 175k and Kis calls. Turn 7d Zakhar continues to 425k and Kis continues as well. River 4h both players check Kis shows Ad Qd, but Zakhar wins pot with Ah Kd.

Zakhar: Ah Kd
Kis: Ad Qd

Board: Jc 4c 4d 7d 4h

01:35 Pot for Kenyeres

Kenyeres opens to 240k and Okonski 3bets to 500k, which Kenyeres calls. Flop Qd 3c 3d Okonski cbets 350k and Kenyeres checkraises to 750k, Okonski thinks for a while and folds. After game Kenyeres face up shows A-Q.

01:30 Players don't find answer

Kenyeres opens to 250k, Zakhar from HJ calls and Kudrikova from SB 3bets to 750k and Kenyeres with Zakhar fold their hands.

01:25 Another pot for Kudrikova

Kudrikova opens to 275k and Kis on BT 3bets to 800k, Kudrikova 4bets to 2,275M, Kis thinks for a while and folds.

01:15 Cbet enough

Okonski opens to 250k and Kudrikova 3bets to 575k, which Okonski calls. Flop 8d 4d 2s Kudrikova cbets 800k, which convinced Okonski to fold.

Level 27: 60,000 - 120,000 / 120,000, avg. 3 922 222, ent.: 9/706


00:45 10th place - Kepes "Taker" Martin - 1 386€ ticket on KW included

Taker openshoves 6,5BB and Renecki on BT calls with Q-J. Taker holds A-7, but flop 8-3-Q favours Renecki and after turn and river Taker ends on 10th place.

Taker: Ac 7c
Renecki: Q-J

Board: 8-3-Q-6-4

00:30 11th place - Vrbacky Martin - 1 386€ ticket on KW included

Vrbacky openshoves 700k and Kis repushes 2M. In showdown Vrbacky holds Q-T and needs help against pocket queens on Kis's hand. Board was blank and Vrbacky ends on 11th place.

Vrbacky: Q-T
Kis: Q-Q

Board: 4-3-T-6-9

12th place - Kotan Igor - 1 386€ ticket on KW included

00:15 Okonski doubles

Taker opens and Okonski defends. Flop 8-9-5 Taker cbets 180k and Okonski checkraises to 360k. Taker decided to jam 1,535M eff. and Okonski easily calls with set of fives. Taker holds A-9 and after river Okonski doubles.

Taker: A-9
Okonski: 5-5

Board: 8-9-5-K-8

00:05 Hudacek vs Falowski

Falowski opens to 225k and Hudacek from SB 3bets to 450k, which Falowski calls. Flop K-9-9 Hudacek cbets 400k and Falowski calls. Turn 2 is checked by both, river K Hudacek checkcalls 525k with aces and wins pot against pocket eights on Falowski's hand.

Falowski: 8-8
Hudacek: A-A

Board: 9-K-9-2-K

Level 26: 50,000 - 100,000 / 100,000, avg. 3 209 091, ent.: 12/706

23:55 13th place - Pater Sorin - 1 386€ ticket on KW included

Sorin shoves BvB 700k and Okonski calls with A-J, Sorin holds 4-4, flop comes Q-J-3 and after blank runout Sorin ends on 13th place.

Sorin: 4-4
Okonski: A-J

Board: Q-J-3-2-Q

23:50 Kudrikova takes pot

In BvB situation Kudrikova raises from SB to 200k and Zakhar calls. Flop 7c 5d 6h Kudrikova cbets to 250k and Zakhar calls. Turn Ks Kudrikova fires second barrel to 420k and Zakhar calls again. River 8d Kudrikova bets 625k and Zakhar goes in tank. After some time folds his hand and Kudrikova takes nice pot.

23:35 15th place - Czarnejko Zolik Anna Maria - 1 073€ ticket on KW included

Renecki opens to 200k and Czarnejko jams 880k, which Renecki calls with Ac 3c, Czarnejko holds pocket nines. Renecki completes one card straight on river and eliminates Czarnejko.

Czarnejko: 9-9
Renecki: Ac 3c

Board: 2-4-3-8-5

23:25 Pot for Kenyeres

Haľko opens to 225k and Kudrikova with Kenyeres on SB call. Flop K-K-2 Kudrikova bets 200k, which only Kenyeres calls. Turn A is checked and river 4 also. Kudrikova shows pocket sixes, but Kenyeres takes pot with jacks.

Kudrikova: 6-6
Kenyeres: J-J

Board: K-K-2-A-4

Level 25: 40,000 - 80,000 / 80,000, avg. 2 353 333, ent.: 15/706

Break 15 minutes

23:05 16th place - Pataki Alexandra - 1 073€ ticket on KW included

Pataki openshoves with her last 13BB and Kerekes on BB calls with pocket tens. Board without jack or ace eliminates Pataki.

Pataki: A-J
Kerekes: T-T

Board: 7-4-2-8-2

23:00 Interesting game

Vrbacky opens to 135k and Kotan on BB 3bets to 400k, which Vrbacky calls. Flop 2c Qc 5s Kotan cbets 225k and Vrbacky calls, turn 5s Kotan continues to 275k and on river Ad both players check and in showdown Kotan mucks and Vrbacky wins the pot. After game Vrbacky face up shows pocket eights.



17. Krawczyk Michal - 794€
18. Kudrikova Stanislava - 794€
19. Witkowski Jakub - 794€
20. Bodnar Gabor - 794€
21. Kormos Patrik - 695€
22. Michalka Robert - 695€
23. Onda Mark - 695€
24. Furin Matej - 695€
25. Horvath Boris - 612€
26. Grabski Mathias - 612€

22:40 Renecki doubles

Kenyeres opens to 120k and Renecki jams from BB 500k, which Kenyeres calls. Kenyeres holds A-9 and Renecki As Ts and after blank board Renecki stays in tournament.

Kenyeres: A-9
Renecki: As Ts

Board: 6-5-J-Q-2

22:30 Good call from Falowski

Falowski opens to 120k and Zakhar defends. Flop Jd 7h 4c both players check, turn Kd Zakhar bets 150k and Falowski calls, river 6c Zakhar bets 260k and Falowski calls again and that is a good call, because Zakhar shows only T-9, which is not good against pocket eights.

Falowski: 8-8
Zakhar: 9h Td

Board: Jd 7h 4c Kd 6d

Level 24: 30,000 - 60,000 / 60,000, avg. 1 857 895, ent.: 19/706

22:25 Nice pot for Czarnejko

Haľko opens to 120k and Czarnejko on SB calls. Pataki on BB 3bets to 350k and Czarnejko goes all in 800k. Pataki thinks for a while and folds.

22:15 Zakhar takes preflop

Falowski opens from CO to 100k and Witkowski on SB 3bets to 375k. Zakhar on BB 4bets to 730k, Falowski folds and Witkowski takes some time and after it folds.

22:00 Kudrikova falls on short

Kudrikova raises to 150k and Czarnejko jams 665k, which Kudrikova calls with pocket eights. Czarnejko holds tens and after safe board, Czarnejko doubles.

Czarnejko: T-T
Kudrikova: 8-8

Board: A-2-2-4-T

21:40 Furin ends

Furin jams 400k and Kenyeres on SB calls with Ks Ts. Furin holds Jh Th, flop Q-2-K bring some more outs for him but blank runout eliminates him from tournament.

Furin: Jh Th
Kenyeres: Ks Ts

Board: Q-2-K-8-Q

Level 23: 25,000 - 50,000 / 50,000, avg. 1 470 833, ent.: 24/706

21:25 Kotan vs. Sorin

They ended up in preflop all in, where Kotan holds A-K and Sorin kings. Turn ace and blank river settled down Kotan to his chair and he takes 1,8M pot.

Kotan: A-K
Sorin: K-K

Board: J-J-4-A-2


27. Nikeiev Andrii - 612€
28. Mazurek Krysztof - 612€
29. Nedza Dariusz - 546€
30. Svitanko Andrey - 546€
31. Papacova Miroslava - 546€
32. Pastor Stanislav - 546€
33. Benčko Pavol - 490€
34. Antal Richard - 490€
35. Porczak Andrej - 490€
36. Dudas Gabor - 490€
37. Tarakanov Andrii - 490€
38. Kardos Patrik - 490€
39. Lazar Marius Dumitru - 490€
40. Jancik Juraj - 490€
41. Kerekes Akos - 448€
42. Ivancova Michaela - 448€
43. Piotr Gluszak - 448€
44. Filak Dariusz - 448€
45. Rubi Attila - 448€
46. Marton Igor - 448€
47. Jaskulski Dominik - 448€

21:10 River holds Furin

Furin jams his last 7bb from BT and Kudrikova on SB calls with nines. Furin holds Kc 7c and after river king, he doubles.

Kudrikova: 9-9
Furin: Kc 7c

Board: A-8-J-4-K

20:50 Kudrikova convinced Haľko on turn

Kudrikova opens to 90k and Haľko defends. Flop Th 8c 5d Kudrikova cbets 100k and Haľko snaps. Turn Js Haľko checks and Kudrikova jams 500k. Haľko goes in tank for 2 minutes and after it folds.

Level 22: 20,000 - 40,000 / 40,000, avg. 1 217 241, ent.: 28/706

Break 15 minutes

20:30 Kudrikova loses flip

Horvath minraises and Kudrikova calls, Czarnejko jams from SB 350k, Horvath folds and Kudrikova calls with eights and find herself in flip situation against K-Q on Czarnejko's hand. Flip managed better Czarnejko and doubles.

Kudrikova: 8-8
Czarnejko: K-Q

Board: K-7-2-4-J

20:15 Kis vs. Papacova

In BvB situation Papacova raises to 90k and Kis calls. Flop Ks Qc 6c Papacova cbets 50k and Kis calls. Turn 4h Papacova bets again 50k and Kis raises to 210k, which Papacova calls. River 2d Papacova leads 250k and Kis snaps with two pair K-6, which is good against Ac 5c.

Papacova: Ac 5c
Kis: K-6

Board: Ks Qc 6c 4h 2d

20:00 Benčko ends

After raise 65k, Papacova raises to 150k and Benčko jams 405k, which only Papacova calls with J-J. She managed flip against A-K and Benčko ends today.

Benčko: A-K
Papacova: J-J

Board: Q-6-5-9-2

Autumn Weekend in Banco Casino Košice! 
Banco Casino Košice has prepared Autumn Weekend in september! Tournament Autumn Friday with 5.000€ GTD and just 50€ buyin will take place on on friday, 22.09.2023 and Autumn Special with 10.000€ GTD with also 50€ buyin will take place on 23.09.2023 !

Level 21: 15,000 - 30,000 / 30,000, avg. 1 069 697, ent.: 33/706

19:40 Taker takes from Kotan

Taker opens to 50k and Sorin with Kotan call. Flop A-6-5 Taker cbets 75k, which both players call. Turn T Kotan leads 75k and Taker calls. River J Kotan bets 40k and Taker raises to 110k, which Kotan snaps. Taker shows A-9 and takes pot. Kotan faceup shows ace.

19:25 Lazar ends

Czarnejko opens to 75k, Horvath jams 365k and Lazar goes all in as well with 340k stack, Czarnejko snaps with one chip and shows A-K. Horvath holds queens and Lazar jacks. Board did not bring jack, king or ace and Horvath triples and Lazar ends.

Czarnejko: A-K
Horvath: Q-Q
Lazar: J-J



Kotan - 1,7M

Taker - 1,2M

Hustler - 450k

Kudrikova - 900k

Papacova - 600k

Level 20: 10,000 - 25,000 / 25,000, avg. 860 976, ent.: 41/706

19:10 Lazar vs. Falowski

Lazar opens to 75k and Falowski defends. Flop Js 8d 3d both players check, turn Jc same action happened and on river As again. Lazar shows pocket fives, but Falowski takes pot with aces.

Lazar: 5-5
Falowski: A-A

Board: Js 8d 3d Jc As

In the very last weekend of the September Banco Casino prepared another Košice Weekend 20.000€ GTD!


18:55 Kotan eliminates Jaskulski

Kotan minraises and Jaskulski on SB jams 200k, which Kotan easily calls with aces. Jaskulski holds A-3 and after river ends.

Kotan: A-A
Jaskulski: A-3

Board: 8-6-K-7-4

18:40 Kormos doubles

Kormos openshoves 205k and Witkowski on BB calls with A-T. Kormos holds Qh Th, flop comes 2d 2d 8h, which is good for Witkowski, but turn 6h brings some more outs for Kormos and on river Qc he doubles his 205k stack.

Kormos: Qh Th
Witkowski: A-T

Board: 2d 2d 8h 6h Qc

Level 19: 10,000 - 20,000 / 20,000, avg. 751 064, ent.: 54/706

Eliminated players

48. Gocek Dariusz Konrad - 448€
49. Kies Wojciech Tomasz - 448€
50. Bak Lukasz - 448€
51. Olearčin Miloš - 383€
52. Slota Krzysztof Franciszek - 383€
53. Varga Miroslav - 383€
54. Horvath Ondrej - 383€
55. Kostkiewicz Artur Henryk - 383€
56. Skalski Michal Marian - 383€
57. Anna Peter - 383€
58. Macek Pawel - 383€
59. Sirotňak Vladimir - 383€
60. Boleček Martin - 383€
61. Zeglen Kamil - 359€
62. Mudrak Peter - 359€
63. Mazur Marek - 359€
64. Nemeth Istvan - 359€
65. Halon Daniel - 359€
66. Ojrzynski Jakub - 359€
67. Majcher Marcin - 359€
68. Berdis David - 359€
69. Rišian Adam - 359€
70. Zajac Gabriel - 359€

Dinner break 40 minutes

17:45 3way all in

Porczak, Pataki and Kerekes ended in all in on Jh 9h 2h flop, where Kerekes holds 7h 7d, Pataki queens and Porczak set of jacks. Turn Kc brings some outs for Pataki and Kerekes, but river 9c means, that Porczak triples to 600k and Pataki takes 60k side pot.

Porczak: J-J
Pataki: Q-Q
Kerekes: 7h 7d

Board: Jh 9h 2h Kc 9c

17:30 Double seat open

Kerekes minraises, Slota calls and Varga defends. Flop 4s 7h 8s Varga jams 120k, Kerekes calls and Slota jams 350k. Kerekes calls again with queens, Varga holds 9-8 and Slota pocket jacks. Turn and river did not bring any help for Varga and Slota and Kerekes takes massive pot.

Varga: 9-8
Slota: J-J
Kerekes: Q-Q

Board: 4s 7h 8s Kh 5s

Level 18: 8,000 - 16,000 / 16,000, avg. 653 704, ent.: 54/706

17:15 Grabski takes on river

Rubi opens to 35k and Grabski from CO and Kudrikova from SB call. Flop Ts 7d 8s Rubi cbets 35k, which both other players call. Turn Ac Rubi checks and Grabski bets 100k, which only Kudrikova calls. River Td Kudrikova bets 150k and Grabski jamms 600k. Kudrikova thinks for a while and folds.

17:00 Pot for Antal

Bolko opens to 25k and Antal from BB 3bets to 66k, which Bolko calls. Flop 9-5-3 Antal cbets to 40k and Bolko calls. Turn 7 Antal fires second barrel to 105k and Bolko jamms 371K eff., which Antal calls with aces, Bolko holds pocket tens and after blank river falls on short.

Bolko: T-T
Antal: A-A

Board: 9-5-3-7-2

16:45 Big pot for Kotan

Mudrak limps and Kotan raises to 32k, which other three players call. Flop Kh Qs 6s Kotan cbets 30k and Macek with Mudrak call. Turn 7c Kotan bets 100k and only Mudrak calls. River 7s Mudrak jams 300k and Kotan calls. Mudrak shows Js 8s, which is not enough against Kotan's fullhouse with kings.

Kotan: K-K
Mudrak: Js 8s

Board: Kh Qs 6s 7c 7s

Level 17: 6,000 - 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 534 848, ent.: 66/706

16:30 Double up for Lazar

Lazar opens to 20k and Zakhar 3bets to 80k, Lazar 4bets to 220k and Zakhar jams 480k eff., which Lazar easily calls with aces. Zakhar holds A-K and after blank board Lazar doubles.

Lazar: A-A
Zakhar: A-K

Board: T-9-2-4-T

16:20 Taker takes from Ojrznyski

Taker opens to 20k and four other players were interested. Flop 9s 9d 3d is checked till Ojrznyski, who bets 28k and only Taker calls. Turn Th Ojrznyski continues to 58k and Taker calls again. River Qd Taker bets 250k and after some time Ojrznyski folds.

16:10 Set over set

Rubi opens to 30k and Rišian on BB defends. Flop Js 9d Td Rubi cbets 100k and Rišian checkshoves 150k, which Rubi calls. Rišian hits set with pocket tens and Rubi holds queens. Turn Qd favours Rubi and after river 7c Rišian is first eliminated player.

Rišian: Th Ts
Rubi: Qh Qs

Board: Js 9d Td Qd 7c

Level 16: 5,000 - 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 504 286, ent.: 70/706


1. - 21 408 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

2. - 13 445 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

3. - 9 238 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

4. - 7 359 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

5. - 5 902 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

6. - 4 650 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

7. - 3 643 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

8. - 2 704 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

9. - 1 813 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

10. - 12. - 1 386 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

13. - 16. - 1 073 € ticket on Košice Weekend 20.000€ included

17. - 20. - 794 €

21. - 24. - 695 €

25. - 28. - 612 €

29. - 32. - 546 €

33. - 40. - 490 €

41. - 50. - 448 €

51. - 60. - 383 €

61. - 70. - 359 €


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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Adress: Hlavná 1, Košice
Phone number cash manager: 0918 100 100
Phone number tournament manager: 0917 595 644
Reception: +421 552 850 333

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