Tournament PLAYER ON TOUR with 50.000€ GTD recorded 419 entries and champion is hungarian player GYOERGY SZANTO , who took home after deal 7 403€ including 100€ ticket on TEAM BATTLE and also trophy for the winner!

Runner up - Meety - 7 429€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Meety opens to 700k and Szanto jams 9,995m with Ah 2h, Meety calls after while with A-8, flop brings deuce, turn and river without eight means, that we get to know new POT champion.

Meety: A-8
Szanto: Ah 2h

Board: 2-6-J-A-9

3. place - Taker - 6 058€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Meety jams BvB 3,5m eff. with A-2 and Taker calls with Jc Tc, K-9-5-K-9 ends Taker's journey on 3rd place.

Meety: A-2
Taker: Jc Tc

Board: K-9-5-K-9

Level 31: 150,000 - 300,000 / 300,000, avg. 6,841,000, ent.: 3/419

Break 10 minutes

00:30 Szanto returns

Szanto openshoves 10m and Meety calls with A8o (3,45m), Szanto holds K7s, flop A-A-2 practically decided, that Meety will double up.

Szanto: K7s
Meety: A8o

Board: A-A-2-J-T

00:20 Double up for Szanto

Szanto raises from SB to 550k and Meety calls, flop Jc Ks Tc Szanto checkjams 4,2m after Meety's bet 800k with QTo and Meety calls with 8c 9c, turn 6s and river 9d are not the right cards for Meety and Szanto doubles.

Szanto: QTo
Meety: 8c 9c

Board: Jc KS Tc 6s 9d

00:05 Pot for Meety

Taker opens BT to 500k and Meety on BB 3bets to 1,8m, Taker calls, flop Kd 2d 7c Meety cbets to 1M and Taker folds.

Level 30: 125,000 - 250,000 / 250,000, avg. 6,841,000, ent.: 3/419

23:40 Fair split

Szanto openshoves 2m and Taker on BB calls with pocket threes, Szanto holds pocket fives, flop Q-7-A changes nothing, turn 7 brings some outs for split and ace on river split the pot.

Szanto: 5-5
Taker: 3-3

Board: Q-7-A-7-A


Meety - 7 429€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Taker - 6 058€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Szonto - 5314€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Players still compete for trophy and 2 089€!

Level 29: 100,000 - 200,000 / 200,000, avg. 6,841,000, ent.: 3/419

4. place - Przemyslaw Plesniarski - 2 790€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Plesniarski opens to 320k, Meety 3bets BT to 800k and PLesnairski jams 2,5m with pocket eights, Meety calls with jacks, flop Js 9s 3s brings top set for Meety, turn Ts brings dramatization, but river A eliminates Plesniarski.

Plesniarski: 8-8
Meety: J-J

Board: Js 9s 3s Ts Ah

22:52 Double for Szanto

Szanto jams 1,5m and Plesniarski calls with Ah Kh, Szanto holds pocket tens, board held tens and Szanto doubles.

Szanto: T-T
Plesniarski: Ah Kh

Board: 8-J-4-Q-J

5. place - Marcin Gruszka - 2 111€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Marcin jams 1,5m from SB with As 2s and Meety calls with pocket sevens, Marcin's three outs stay in deck and Meety makes another elimination.

Marcin: A2o
Meety: 7-7

Board: 6-3-Q-4-T

Level 28: 80,000 - 160,000 / 160,000, avg. 5,137,000, ent.: 6/419

Break 10 minutes

22:20 Taker time

Taker opens CO, Szanto on BT calls and Marcin defends, flop 4h 3s 6h Marcin leads to 550k, Taker goes in tank and jams 2,1m and Szanto thinks and calls, Marcin folds, Taker shows pocket tens and Szanto Kh 7h, turn 9c is good for Taker and river 2s too. After game Taker takes about 5m pot.

Taker: T-T
Szanto: Kh 7h

Board: 4h 3s 6h 9c 2s


6. place - Rami Erik - 1 644€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Meety opens BT and Rami jams 2m, which Meety snaps with A-K, Rami holds pocket jacks, ace come on flop, turn and river did not bring jack and Meety now holds almost half of chipcount.

Meety: A-K
Rami: J-J

Board: A-2-3-8-K

Level 27: 60,000 - 120,000 / 120,000, avg. 3,420,000, ent.: 6/419

7. place - Sirilla Ladislav - 1 284€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Sirilla openshoves 600k with K9s and Rami on BB calls with As Ts, board without king or nine ends Sirilla's journey on 7th place.

Sirilla: K9s
Rami: As Ts

Board: A-2-4-Q-Q

8. place - Mihaly Berenyi - 1 008€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Meety with Berenyi in BvB battle put their chips behind the line, where Meety holds Q3s and Berenyi A-J, Meety hits queen on river and Berenyi ends.

Meety: Q3s
Berenyi: A-J

Board: 2-5-7-J-Q

9. place - Tomasz Wozny - 796€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

Szanto opens to 220k and Wozny jams 1,5m. Szanto goes in tank and after it calls with queens, Wozny holds A-K, 2d 5c 7c favours Szanto, but Kc comes on turn, where Wozny has also FD, but his chances came to zero after offsuit queen on river.

Szanto: Q-Q
Wozny: Ac Kd

Board: 2d 5c 7c Kc Qd

21:30 Wozny doubles

Wozny openshoves 700k and Rami on BB calls with Q-Q, Wozny finds kings under his hand, after A-K-T flop Rami needs to hit jack, which is not happening and Wozny doubles.

Wozny: K-K
Rami: Q-Q

Board: A-K-T-6-T


10. place - Oto Petko - 637€

Petko jams last 700k on BT with K-J and Szanto on BB calls with A-3, Szanto makes straight on flop and final table is formed.

Petko: K-J
Szanto: A-3

Boaard: 2-4-5-8-8

11. place - Mazurek Krzysztof - 637€

Mazurek jams 790k, Taker rejams 800k and Petko calls with pocket kings, Mazurek shows pocket sixes and Taker A-Q. Flop Q-J-2 is safe for Petko, but ace on turn gives lead to Taker, who after river eliminates Mazurek and triples.

Mazurek: 6-6
Taker: A-Q
Petko: K-K

Board: Q-J-2-A-J

12. place - Molnar Istvan - 520€

Molnar jams 700k with A9o and Rami easily calls on BB with A-Q, board did not bring nine and Molnar ends.

Molnar: A9o
Rami: A-Q

Board: 2-K-J-3-8

Level 26: 50,000 - 100,000 / 100,000, avg. 1,710,417, ent.: 12/419

13. place - Abrudan Lucian - 520€

Meety opens and Abrudan jams from SB 1,5m with A-K, Meety calls with queens, flop J-T-6 brings also gutshot for Abrudan, but after blank runout Abrudan ends.

Abrudan: A-K
Meety: Q-Q

Board: J-T-6-9-9

14. place - Ondrej Madar - 520€

Madar openshoves 300k with K-T and Wozny calls with A-7, board without drama eliminates Madar.

Madar: K-T
Wozny: A-7

Board: 6-8-4-Q-5

20:30 3way all in

Mazurek jams 475k with Ac 7c, Taker repushes 1m with K-Q and Petko calls with A-K, flop Jc Qd 8c brings top pari for Taker and flushdraw for Mazurek, turn 2c completes flush for Mazurek and river 3h means, that Mazurek triples and Taker takes 960k sidepot.

Mazurek: Ac 7c
Taker: K-Q
Petko: A-K

Board: Jc Qd 8c 2c 3h

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15. place - Sandl Karol - 520€

Sandl jams 400k with K-T and Rami on BB calls with A-7, board held better comb. and Sandl is out.

Sandl: K-T
Rami: A-7

Baord: A-3-2-A-5

16. place - Slavik - 435€

Slavik jams CO 315k and Plesniarski on BB calls with J9o, Slavik holds A-6, flop Q-Q-K brings gutshot for Plesniarski, who hits jack on turn and after river Slavik ends on 16. place.

Slavik: A6o
Plesniarski: J9o

Board: Q-Q-K-J-J

Level 25: 40,000 - 80,000 / 80,000, avg. 1,282,813, ent.: 16/419

Break 15 minutes

GPC vol3. coming soon!

19:30 Sandl jams

Sandl openshoves 320k with 3-3 and Abrudan raises to 700k with Ah Qh, other players fold their hands and we have flip situation, which Sandl managed better and doubles.

Sandl: 3-3
Abrudan: Ah Qh

Board: 4-2-6-9-2

19:10 Szanto doubles

Petko limps, Szanto raises to 125k and Mazurek from SB 3bets to 475k, Petko folds and Szanto jams 865k, Mazurek goes in tank and after it calls with Kh Qh, Szanto holds kings. Flop 7d 9h Jd brings gutshot for Mazurek, turn 5c and river 9c doubles Szantos's stack.

Mazurek: Kh Qh
Szanto: K-K

Board: 7d 9h Jd 5c 9c

Level 24: 30,000 - 60,000 / 60,000, avg. 1,282,813, ent.: 16/419

18:57 Nice squeeze

Rami opens HJ to 100k, Sirilla calls on CO and Slavik jams 620k on BT, players quickly fold and Slavik takes nice pot preflop.

18:51 Double up for Madar

Molnar opens to 100k from LJ, Taker calls from HJ and Madar on BB jams 230k, Molnar calls and Taker rejams 1,4k with pocket tens, Madar holds A-Q, flop 7-8-9 is good for Taker, turn K too, but ace on river means, that pot goes to Madar.

Madar: A-Q
Taker: T-T

Board: 7-8-9-K-A

18:45 Split pot

Mazurek opens to 100k, Petko jams from SB 300k, Wozny rejams BB 360k, Mazurek calls with pocket fours and Petko with Wozny holds the same hand A-T, board brings two of their four outs and they split the pot.

Mazurek: 4-4
Petko: A-T
Wozny: A-T

Board: 5-T-Q-8-A

18:40 Slavik doubles

Rami opens to 100k and Slavik jams 310k with Ah Qd, Rami calls with 8d 9d, flop 7-2-6 brings open for Rami, but blank runout doubles Slavik's stack.

Rami: 8d 9d
Slavik: Ah Qd

Board: 7-2-6-4-J

17. place - Happy - 435€

Level 23: 25,000 - 50,000 / 50,000, avg. 1,207,500, ent.: 17/419

18:30 Pot for Mazurek

Molnar opens CO to 80k and Mazurek 3bets BT to 200k, which Molnar calls, flop 9c As 8s players go check, turn 7c after check Mazurek bets 175k, Molnar calls, river 5d Mazurek bets 330k, Molnar thinks for a while and calls, Mazurek shows two pair with Ah 5h and Molnar mucks.

18:20 Plesniarski jams

Plesniarski opens CO to 80k and Rami calls on BT, flop Qd 8c 2h Plesniarski checkcalls 90k, turn 6d Plesniarski leads 150k, which Rami calls and river 2c Plesniarski jams 650k, which convinced Rami to muck his hand.

18. place - Wojciech Nowak - 435€


GTD €50,000
- BI: €100
- 15-19 May 2024
- STACK: 50,000

- BI per team = €200 + €25 fee
- Number of players in the team = 5
- Team battle will take place on Friday 17.05.2024
- Team battle evaluation on Saturday 18/05/2024 during dinner break on flight 1E
- Team registration at
- Registration must include: team name, club name, players' names + phone contact + email, captain's name
- Team battle is played in two rounds. The first round starts at 20:00, the second round at 23:00.
- Each round has 5 disciplines:
1. Tournament of captains (first round NLHE, second round PLO)
2. PLO
3. Pineapple
4. KO (extra point for each eliminated player)
5. Turbo NLHE
Prize distribution for winning teams: 1-10 teams = 1st place 70%, 2nd place = 30% of PP 10 or more teams: 1st place = 50%, 2nd place = 30%, 3rd place = 20% of PP.
SCORING: - Number of participating teams = number of points: first eliminated player = 1 point, winner of the tournament = number of points = number of teams in the tournament

19. place - Kamil Jelinski - 435€

20. place - Dominik Jaskulski - 371€

Jaskulski openshoves 210k and Sandl on SB calls with pocket eights, Jaskulski holds pocket tens, flop 7h 6h 9h brings openended straightflushdraw for Sandl, turn 2h brings flush for Sandl and river 7d eliminates Jaskulski.

Jaskulski: T-T
Sandl: 8h 8c

Board: 9h 6h 7h 2h 7d

21. place - Kohut Ronald - 371€

Level 22: 20,000 - 40,000 / 40,000, avg. 977,381, ent.: 21/419

Break 15 minutes

22. place - Mariusz Wadas - 371€

23. place - Brian Lemmen - 371€

Lemmen opens HJ to 60k, Meety 3bets to 175k from CO and Lemmen 4bet jams 1,1k, which Meety easily snaps with aces, Lemmen holds pocket sixes and after river ends.

Lemmen: 6-6
Meety: A-A

Board: A-7-7-2-3

17:01 Meety vs. Lemmen

Meety opens to 60k and Lemmen on BB 3bets to 180k, flop Qc 8s Jd Lemmen cbets to 125k, Meety calls, turn 3s is checked and river Ts also, Lemmen shows pocket kings, but pot goes to Meety, who holds 8d 9d.

Meety: 8d 9d
Lemmen: K-K

Board: Qc 8s Jd 3s Ts

Level 21: 15,000 - 30,000 / 30,000, avg. 892,381, ent.: 23/419

24. place - Kostkiewicz Artur - 371€

Artur jams 190k, Rami calls, Abrudan on BT goes in long tank and folds, Marcin on BB repushes 550k, which Rami calls, Artur holds A7s, Rami ATo and Marcin kings, board without drama eliminates Artur and Marcin takes massive pot. Abrudan said he folded jacks.

Artur: A7s
Rami: ATo
Marcin: K-K

Board: 3-Q-6-2-6

25. place - Smida Lubomir - 318€

Smida jams 400k from CO with A8o and Sirilla on SB calls with pocket queens, board without ace eliminates Smida.

Smida: A8o
Sirilla: Q-Q

Board: K-K-7-2-3


Rami - 1,9 M

Meety - 1,2 M

Taker - 1 M

Sirilla - 1,3 M

Lemmen - 1,1 M

Molnar - 1,6 M

Poker tournaments in April!

26. place - Pletwa - 318€

Molnar opens and Pletwa jams 350k with A-K, Molnar calls with pocket eights, numerical board ends Pletwa's journey today.

Molnar: 8-8
Pletwa: A-K

Board: 2-2-3-8-9

Level 20: 10,000 - 25,000 / 25,000, avg. 821,000, ent.: 26/419

16:21 Like a king

Taker was on BB and again everybody fold.

27. place - Martinček Martin - 318€

Sirila opens to 40k and Martinček jams 290k from BB, Sirilla thinks for 2 minutes again and calls with A-T, but is behind against A-J on Martinček's hand, Sirilla hits one of his three outs on flop 5-T-3 and eliminates Martinček.

Martinček: A-J
Sirilla: A-T

Baord: 5-T-3-3-2

16:04 Bad runout

Sirilla opens to 45k and Martinček on SB 3bets to 140k, which Sirilla after tank calls, flop 6d 4s 5s Martinček cbets to 100k and Sirilla jams 410k with Js 9s, Martinček calls with pocket queens, turn 8c is still good for Martinček, but river 7h completes straight for Sirilla, who doubles.

Sirilla: Js 9s
Martinček: Q-Q

Board: 6d 4s 5s 8c 7h

28. place - Kedzierski Jakub - 318€

Kedzierski jams 10bb and Jelinski repushes with pocket tens, Kedzierski holds kings, but ten on turn decided his fate.

Kedzierski: K-K
Jelinski: T-T

Board: 5-6-7-T-J

15:50 Tejky takes

Taker opens to 45k and Szanto jams 1,2m with jacks, Taker calls with pocket queens and doubles after river.

Taker: Q-Q
Szanto: J-J

Board: A-5-7-2-6

15:40 Respect

Taker was on BB and everybody fold.

Level 19: 10,000 - 20,000 / 20,000, avg. 733,036, ent.: 28/419

Break 30 minutes

29. place - Lukasz Rozycki - 318€

30. place - Grzegorz Strojnowski - 318€

Strojnowski jams last 5bb with pocket tens and Martinček calls from SB with A-Q, flop K-2-6 favours Strojnowski, but ace on turn and blank river ends Strojnowski's journey today.

Strojnowski: T-T
Martinček: A-Q

Board: K-2-6-A-4

31. place - Lovas Viktor - 276€

32. place - Mathias Grabski - 276€

Grabski opens to 32k and Lemmen 3bets to 79k, Grabski jams 500k with A-Q and Lemmen easily calls with A-K, numerical board eliminates Grabski on 32. place.

Grabski: A-Q
Lemmen: A-K

Board: 6-7-5-7-9

14:35 Marcin vs. Abrudan

Abrudan opens to 36k, Marcin calls and Kostkiewicz defends, flop Qh 5c 8c Abrudan cbets to 40k, which both players call, turn 2h is checked till Marcin, who bets 85k and only Abrudan calls, river 3h is checked, Abrudan shows pocket nines, but pot goes to Marcin, who shows a little bit better combination of pocket tens.

Abrudan: 9-9
Marcin: T-T

Board: Qh 5c 8c 2h 3h

14:25 Double for Kostkiewicz

He jams 147k and Rami 3bets to 350k, no one finds answer to his raise and Rami is flipping with his A-K against pocket 8-8, board held eights till river and Kostkiewicz doubles.

Kostkiewicz: 8-8
Rami: A-K

Board: 6-5-3-J-6

Level 18: 8,000 - 16,000 / 16,000, avg. 641,406, ent.: 32/419

14:20 Taker vs. Sandl

Sandl opens UTG to 25k, Taker joins the game on HJ and Lovas defends, flop Js 9c 5s Sandl cbets to 40k, which only Taker calls, turn Qc Sandl continues to 45k and Taker raises to 180k. Sandl quickly mucks.

14:10 Preflop pot for Abrudan

Abrudan opens to 27k, Marcin 3bets to 65k from BT and Happy on SB coldcalls, action back on Abrudan, who 4bets to 242k, Marcin folds and also Happy, who face up shows pocket jacks.

33. place - Mateusz Stelmach - 276€

34. place - Tamaškovič Vladimir - 276€

13:50 BvB vol. 2

This time Taker completes SB and Madar raises to 40k, which Taker calls, flop 8h 4h 8d both players check, turn 7c Taker checkcalls 50k and river 6d both player checks again, Taker shows Th 7h and pot goes to him, cause Madar mucks.

35. place - Kral Maros - 276€

Majlo opens CO to 24k and Molnar on BB 3bets to 62k, Majlo 4betjams 370k with pocket nines, but Molnar calls with pocket queens and after river eliminates Majlo on 35. place.

Majlo: 9-9
Molnar: Q-Q

Board: 4-4-8-6-4

Level 17: 6,000 - 12,000 / 12,000, avg. 586,429, ent.: 35/419

13:40 Unlucky river

Madar limps CO, Meety completes and Lovas on BB checks, flop 9h 7c 4d after checks Madar bets 40k, Meety checkraises to 115k and Madar jams 310k with 98o, which Meety calls with two pair 7h 4h, turn As changes nothing, but river Ah counterfitted Meety's two pair and Madar doubles.

Madar: 98o
Meety: 7h 4h

Board: 9h 7c 4d As Ah

13:34 BvB

Taker raises from SB to 30k and Madar raises to 75k, Taker thinks for a while and mucks his hand, Madar shows face up 7-2.

36. place - Kotan Igor - 276€

37. place - Mariusz Doktor - 244€

Rami opens to 22k, Wadas on BT calls and Doktor on BB 3betjams 281k, Rami thinks for a while and calls with pocket nines, Doktor shows K9s and after board without king he is eliminated.

Rami: 9-9
Doktor: K9s

Board: Q-7-2-6-2

38. place - Tomasz Mazurkiewicz - 244€

Strojnowski opens to 20k and Mazurkiewicz jams 160k with A-Q, Strojnowski holds A-K and after river Mazurkiewicz ends.

Mazurkiewicz: A-Q
Strojnowski: A-K

Board: 7-2-6-A-J

39. place - Michal Panek - 244€

13:20 Kotan falls on short

Wozny opens to 25k, Kotan on SB 3bets to 80k and Wozny 4bet jams 265k with queens and Kotan calls with A-K, flip managed better Wozny and Kotan falls on last 10bb.

Kotan: A-K
Wozny: Q-Q

Board: 5-5-T-7-4

40. place - Joszef Benedek Szandor - 244€

41. place - Adam Tadeusz Bukowinski - 244€

Nowak opens to 20k, Bukowinski jams 100k and Majlo calls on BB, Nowinski folds, Majlo shows A-Q and Bukowinski needs to hit three outs with K-Q, but that's noth happening and he is first eliminated player from final day.

Majlo: A-Q
Bukowinski: K-Q

Board: 4-9-J-A-J

Level 16: 5,000 - 10,000 / 10,000, avg. 500,610, ent.: 41/419


1. - 10 270€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

2. - 6 695€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

3. - 3 925€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

4. - 2 790€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

5. - 2 111€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

6. - 1 644€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

7. - 1 284€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

8. - 1 008€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

9. - 796€ included ticket to TEAM BATTLE

10. - 11. - 637€

12. - 15. - 520€

16. - 19. - 435€

20. - 24. - 371€

25. - 30. - 318€

31. - 36. - 276€

37. - 41. - 244€


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