Flight 1C of tournament Thirty Grand recorded 115 entries and 12 players advanced to the Final Day. Chipleader from this flight is Kotowicz Sebastian Andrzej with stack of 1 328 000.
From 11:00, the poker community has the last chance HYPER TURBO to advance to the FINAL DAY. All finalists will present themselves at the poker tables from 16:00 when THE FINAL DAY starts.

1:42 Bubble boy: Michal Pošivák

Kotowicz opens CO to 27k and Pošivák on the BB jams 295k. Kotowicz gets in to tank but end up calling with A-Q. Pošivák was in great shape with A-K. However Q-J-9 hits Kotowicz his 3 outer and after blank runout Pošivák sadly ends.

Pošivák: A-K
Kotowicz: A-Q

Board: Q-J-9-2-7


1:37 Hand for hand phase


1:35 Janosik out

He jams his last 4bbs UTG and Rožok on the BB calls with 8c-5c, Janosik with K-Q was way ahead but Flop hits Rožok big and he makes flush on the turn which means Janosik is out 14th. place.

Rožok: 8c-5c
Janosik: Ks-Qd

Board: Ac-5s-2c-Qc-7h

1:28 Bartko doubles his short

He openjams 118k and Rožok rejams 300k. After folds Bartko with K-J needs to hit against Rožok's A-Q. He does on the Flop: K-6-8 and after Turn: 4x and River: Qx means he doubles

Level 17: 6000 - 12000 / 12000, avg. 383.333, ent.: 15/115

1:13 Anna ends

Stefano opens BTN to 22k and Anna on the SB flats. Headsup on the flop Td-2d-4c where Stefano cbets 26k which Anna calls. On the turn Kc Anna decides to lead allin 115k which Stefano snaps with set of 22s. Anna with his Kd-Qd needs to hit his flush on the river. However river comes 4s which completes Stefano fullhouse and Anna is eliminated.

Stefano: 2-2
Anna: Kd-Qd

Board: 2d-Td-4c-Kc-4s

1:05 Flip for Rudzik

Kotán opens 50k(70k behind) and Rudzik on the BB puts him allin, Kotán snaps and shows A-K. Rudzik holds 8-8 and hits set on the flop and after blank runout eliminates Kotán.

Kotán: A-K
Rudzik: 8-8

Board: J-7-8-7-4

0:52 Kotowicz on fire

Kapalka moves allin UTG 155k and after folds Kotowicz on the BB wakes up with T-T and calls. Kapalka shows A-K but he is almost drawing dead on the Flop: T-9-9 and after Turn 7x and River 6x ends in 18th. place

Level 16: 5000 - 10000 / 10000, avg. 319.444, ent.: 18/115

0:47 Sick hand

Nowinski openshoves UTG 180k,. Bele on the BTN rejams 300k and after that action, Stefano sitting on SB who covered them both calls as well. Nowinski shows pocket Aces, Bele QQs and Stefano also Aces. Board brings no 4 flush cards and no Q that means they split the main pot. Big sidepot belongs to Stefano and Bele is out.

Nowinski: A-A
Bele: Q-Q
Stefano. A-A

Board: 2-3-6-7-6

0:36 Wadas vs Moravec vol.2

They ended up preflop allin again where Wadas openshoves 85k with Q-Q and Moravec on the BB snapcalls with A-K. Turn Moravec hits his Kings and after river 3x eliminates Wadas.

Moravec: A-K
Wadas: Q-Q

Board: J-9-7-K-3

0:27 Another one

Rožok opens HJ to 25k. Anna on the SB thinks for a whole and decides to 3bet to 60k which Rožok calls. Flop: J-J-3 after cbet 55k by Anna, Rožok moves allin 105k and Anna snaps with K-K. Rožok hits trips with Qc-Jc and runout without K means he doubles again.

Level 15: 4000 - 8000 / 8000, avg. 221.154, ent.: 26/115

0:18 Husky outflops Major

He opens to 12k and Major flats. Headsup on the Flop: 9-9-3 where both players check. On the Turn Qx Husky delay cbets 12k and Major moves allin 90k, Husky snaps with A-9 and Major needs to hit his Q on the river with AQ. River comes 4x and he ends.

0:11 Fron vs Gerda

Gerda opens from the CO to18k and Fron on the SB moves allin 73k which Gerda calls after while. Flop: Kh-9h-7c favours Gerda with Jc-9c. Turn 4c favours him even more but river comes and offsuite Ah and Fron doubles on the river with As-7s

0:02 Deuces good

Pošivák opens to 12k and Rudzik 3bets to 25k which Pošivák calls. Flop Td-9h-3s Rudzik cbets 22k which Pošivák calls. Turn Kd and River 7d both players check and Pošivák takes the pot with 2d-2s

23:52 Nice call by Husky

Major limps UTG, Popovič completes SB and Husky checks. Flop: Ad-9s-2h was checked. On the Turn As Popovič first to act betting 12k and only Husky on the BB calls. River 6d and Popovič is betting again 35k. Husky was thinking for a while and decides to call with Ts-6s as hitted 6 on the river and was ahead against Popovič with Qd-Jd

Level 14: 3000 - 6000 / 6000, avg. 205.357, ent.: 28/115

BREAK 15minutes for chipraise

23:29 Pair holds

Podpora opens from the HJ and Dyjak moves allin 112k from the BTN and Podpora snaps with A-K. Dyjak's 6-6 holds on the board and he is completing straight on the river and doubles.

Podpora: A-K
Dyjak: 6-6

Board: 9-9-8-7-T

23:36 Rožok nice double

He opens to 20k and Major on the BB moves allin 125k effektiv and Rožok snaps with Ac-Kc and was ahead against Major's As-Qh. Board holds stronger combination and Rožok makes double.

Rožok: Ac-Kc
Major: As-Qh

Board: Td-Th-8d-Ah-8h

23:15 Bartko doubles 

On the turn A-J-T-7 Bartko betting 13k in position and Kotowicz is checkraising to 43k which Bartko pays. River 6x and Kotowiecz jams effektivly 70k which Bartko snaps with nuts K-Q. Bad news for Kotowiecz who shows second nuts 9-8 and Bartko doubles

23:06 River for Gerda

Fričovsky jams 70k from the CO and Gerda decides to call on the BTN. Fričovský shows 7-7 and Gerda As-Qs. Clean flop and turn favours Fričovský however river comes Qx and Fričovský ends.

Gerda: As-Qs
Fričovský: 7-7

Board: 9-6-2-9-Q

Level 13: 2500 - 5000 / 5000, avg. 185.484, ent.: 31/115

23:00 Koryl flops big

He opens on the BTN 8k and Kis from the SB moves allin 48k which Koryl pays. Kis shows Ad-9d and Koryl with Jh-9h needs to his his three outs. However flop comes 8h-5h-7d and Koryl pick up more outs. Turn completes flush with Qh and irrelevant river As eliminates Kis.

Koryl: Jh-9h
Kis: Ad-9d

Board: 8h-5h-7d-Qh-As

22:52 Stefano eliminates

Ozog openjams 85k from UTG1 and Stefano on the SB throws one chip. He flips Kd-Kh and Ozog needs to hit his Ace with Ac-9c. He does not through the board and he is eliminated.

Stefano: Kd-Kh
Ozog: Ac-9c

Board: Q-6-4-9-7

22:36 Kotán doubles

Wadas and Kotán moves preflop allin for 78k where Wadas holds JJs but Kotán QQs. 4th hearth on the river completes flush for both players and Kotán doubles.

Wadas: JJh
Kotán: QQh

Board: Kh-9h-5d-8h-Th

Photo from previous tournament

Level 12: 2000 - 4000 / 4000, avg. 159.722, ent.: 36/115

22:28 Nowinski eliminates Pisconte

Pisconte jams 42k from UTG and Nowinski snapcalls from the SB. Pisconte shows Ad-Td but has only three outs against pocket JJs. Board: 2-5-7-Q-4 brings no help for Pisconte and he ends.

22:20 Taker doubles

Hervat opens UTG to 11k and after folds Taker moves allin 38k which Hervat snaps with QQs. However Taker holds AAs and after numeric board doubles.

Taker: AA
Hervat: QQ

Board: 9-7-2-5-2

22:12 Orosz out

Kotowicz opens to 7k and Bartko and also both blinds calls. Flop: Js-5s-5h Kotowicz cbets 8k, Bartko pays and Orosz from the SB moves allin 32k. Kotowicz calls after while and Bartko folds. Orosz shows J-9 but Kotowicz holds A5 and after turn and river Orosz ends.

Orosz: J-9
Kotowicz: A-5

Board: J-5-5-A-T

22:06 12 players will advance today!

Level 11: 1500 - 3000 / 3000, avg. 125.000, ent.: 46/115

BREAK 30 minutes

Summer Weekend in Banco Casino Košice! 
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21:19 Another preflop allin

Ižol raises to 7k and Moravec on the BB 3bets to 23k. Ižol 4bet shoves 54k and Moravec calls with 66 and was ahead against A4o. Board brings no A and Ižol is out of the tournament.

21:09 Podpora vs Kotán

Preflop Podpora opens to 6.5k and Kotán on SB 3bets to 30.5k. Podpora shoves 110k effektiv. Kotán thinks for a while but decides to call with 77 and neet to hit his 2 outter. He picked up some additional outs on the turn but river does not hit and podpora win big pot. 

Podpora: AA
Kotán: 77

Board: K-T-9-6-4

Level 10: 1000 - 2500 / 2500, avg. 100.926, ent.: 54/109

20:59 Split pot

Malinski opens to 4k and Beri Popovič and also Szatmari on BB call. Flop Q-8-2 Szatmari leadshoves 21k. Malinski thinks for a while and decides to reshoves 30k and after folds they split the pot both with the same hand QJo

20:49 Pot for Major

Hervat limps and Kotowicz raises to 7k which Major on SB and also Hervat calls. Flop: Qs-8d-7s Major leads 10k and Kotowicz pays. Turn 3d Major continues for 15k and Kotowicz pays again. River 4h and third barrel from Major 20k convinced Kotowicz and he folds. 

20:42 Classic flip

Moravec opens CO to 4k and Wadas on the BTN 3bets to 12.5k. Moravec moves immediately allin 70k which Wadas snaps with QQs. Moravec with Ah-Kh needs to hit which he does on the flop and board without Q doubles him.

Moravec: Ah-Kh
Wadas: QQ

Board: K-7-2-9-2

Level 9: 1000 - 2000 / 2000, avg. 87.931, ent.: 58/102

Next weekend Banco Casino prepared another Košice Weekend 20.000€ GTD!

20:13 Just call

Kolarik raises to 4k and Popovič defends BB. Flop: Jh-7s-5s both players check. Turn 3h Popovič decides to bet 5k. Kolarik raises to 12.5k which Popovič calls after while. River 9s after check Kolarik continues for 15k which Popovič calls again. Kolarik shows Ac-9c and Popovič top set JJ and takes the pot.

20:07 Klaus takes from Bele

Bele opens 3.2k and Klaus with Kotán calls. Flop Jc-8s-2s Bele cbets 6k and Klaus calls. Same action on the turn Kd for 11k. River 5d both players check. Bele shows 6s-4s and was far behind against Klaus with As-Js

Level 8: 800 - 1600 / 1600, avg. 81.250, ent.: 56/91

19:58 Beri eliminates

After Balogh's open Fričovsky jams 10.5k Beri who sits on the BTN decides to call and Balogh insta folds. His KJ was in good shape on the Flop: K-K-Q against QT. Turn Ax and River 7x eliminates Fričovsky.

19:49 Slowik doubles

Zabinski opens 3k and Slowik with Ozog called on the blinds. Flop: 3-4-5 Zabinski cbets 10k and Slowik moves allin 17k which Zabinski calls with QQs. However Slowik holds A2 as a flopped straight and after blank runout doubles.

Zabinski: QQ
Slowik: A2

Board: 3-4-5-J-8

19:39 Correct call

After limp Kis raises to 5.2k which calls only Rudzik on the BTN. Flop: Kc-8s-3s Kis cbets 4.5k and Rudzik calls. Turn 3c Kis checks and Rudzik is betting 8.5k which Kis calls. River Jd after check Rudzik bets again 11k. Kis thinks for a while and decides to call with pocket TTs and was enough against Rudzik's T-9

Kis: Td-Th
Rudzik: Tc-9s

Board: Kc-8s-3s-3c-Jd

Level 7: 600 - 1200 / 1200, avg. 74.561, ent.: 57/85

19:25 River holds Ozog in tournament

He limps and Meety raises to 3.5k which Ozog calls. Flop: Kd-Jd-5d Meety cbets 9k and Ozog moves allin 30k which Meety snaps with JJ. Ozog shows Ad-5x as a hit and flushdraw and he hits his flush on the river and doubles.

Meety: JJ
Ozog: Ad-5s

Board: Kd-Jd-5d-4h-7d

19:17 Multiway 3bet spot

Nowinski opens to 3k and after Pošivak's call on the BTN, Stefano 3bets to 10k which both players call. Flop Qd-9d-4s Stefano cbets 16k, Nowinski thinks long time but end up folding. Action on Pošivak who jams 22k and Stefano calls with KK. Turn Td brings more outs for Pošivák with QJ but river 7d wasnt one of them.

Stefano: Kh-Ks
Pošivak: Qs-Jh

Board: Qd-9d-4s-Td-7d

19:08 Luman out

Kerpo opens 2.5k from the CO and Luman jams 13k from the BTN which Kerpo snaps with TT. Luman needs much help with his undercards 9d-6d. He is drawing dead on the turn and eliminated.

Kerpo: TT
Luman: 9d-6d

Board: A-Q-3-Q-2

Level 6: 500 - 1000 / 1000, avg. 68.103, ent.: 58/79

Dinner BREAK 30 minutes

18:22 3-way allin

3 players moves preflop allin where Kolarik was in front with AA against  Balogh's QQs(10k stack) and Fricovsky's JJs. Board holds Aces and Kolarik full doubles his 100k against Fricovsky and eliminates Balogh.

Kolarik: AA
Fricovsky: JJ
Balogh: QQ

Board: 9-9-2-9-T

18:13 Kotáns takes back from Kapalka

After limp Kapalka raises to 2.8k and after 2 calls Kotán decides to 3bet to 11k. Action back on Kapalka who 4bets shove 22k which Kotán snaps with AK. Clean board for Kotán and Kapalka goes for reentry.

Kotán: AK
Kapalka: J9s

Board: K-7-2-4-5

Level 5: 400 - 800 / 800, avg. 58.654, ent.: 52/61

17:58 Podpora takes from Kotán

Podpora opens to 1.5k and Kotán 3bets to 3.3k from the SB. Bele on the BB calls and also Podpora. Flop: 6c-Qs-5h Kotán cbets 5k and both players call. Turn Qh Kotán continues for 5k and only Podpora calls. River 7s after check Podpora is betting 15k and Kotán decides to call. Podpora shows KQ and takes the pot.


Banco casino announce Grand Poker Cup 100.000€ GTD next month.

Level 4: 300 - 600 / 600, avg. 59 574, ent.: 47/56

HAVANA PARTY is set and ready on 18.08.2023. Great party with rich rauts, exclusive drinks and lucky raffle for all participants.


17:25 Hervat eliminates

On the Flop: Kh-Jc-7h Hervat is betting 10k and Major checkraise to 25k. Hervat moves allin 45k effektiv which Major snapcalls with Ah-Jh. He needs to hit his draw against top set under Hervat's hand. Turn gives him even more outs to straight but river comes Ax that means Major needs to go for reentry.

Hervat: KK
Major: Ah-Jh

Board: Kh-Jc-7h-Tc-As

17:20 Something for Husky

After limp by Kovacs Husky raises to 1.5k and Gerda on the BTN and also Kovacs calls. Flop: 8d-9c-5d after two checks Gerda bets 3k and both players calls. Turn 2h Gerda continues for 5.3k and only Husky calls. River Jd Husky decides to lead 10k and Gerda folds after while.

Level 3: 200 - 500 / 500, avg. 53 488, ent.: 43/46

16:59 Kerky showing the bluff

 He opens utg to 800 and Balogh 3bets to 2.5k, Kolarik and Bele cold calls, after that action Kerky decides to 4bet to 8.6k which only Bele on the BTN calls. Flop: Js-4s-9h Kerky cbets 7k and Bele calls. Turn 8c Kerky moves allin 30k effektiv. Bele gets in to tank but end up folding. Kerky shows him Ah-7d.

16:53 Dyjak takes from Sznajder

Dyjak opens 1k and both blinds calls. Flop: Jd-Tc-8c Dyjak cbets 2.3k and Sznajder calls. Turn 6d Dyjak continues for 6k and Sznajder calls again. River 3c Sznajder decides to lead 3k and Dyjak snapcalls. Sznajder shows Ks-Jh and was not enough against Dyjak's As-Jc 

16:42 Flešár's 3 barrel

He opens to 1.2k and went headsup against Moravec. Flop: 8h-6h-4s Flešár cbets 1.8k and Moravec calls. Turn 6s same action for 2.6k. And also river As where he bets for the third time 5.1k and Moravec snapcalls. Flešár shows AK and Moravec mucks,

Level 2: 200 - 400 / 400, avg. 50 000, ent.: 34/34

16:25 Cooler

Zabinski opens and 2 more players were interested. Flop 7c-8h-3h he cbets 1.5k and both players pays. Turn Qh after check Popovič is betting 3k and Zabinski x/r to 12k and Popovič calls. River 8c Zabinski checks and Popovič is now betting 15k which Zabinski snapcalls with Kh-Th as a second nuts flush however Popovič holds nuts flush Ah-9h and takes early big pot.

16:19 Nuts for Kerky

Kolarik opens to 700 which Fricovsky flats and Kerky defends BB. Flop: Th-9h-2h all players check. Turn Kc Kerky bets 1k and only Fricovsky calls. River 6c Kerky overbets 5.5k and Fricovsky snaps with KQo. Kerky shows nuts flush Ah-3h and takes the pot

16:07 Early registrations

Flešár, Popovič, Mariňák, Lovas and also players from Hungary and Poland playing from the beginning.

Level 1: 100 - 300 / 300, avg. 50 000, ent.: 21/21

16:05 Flight 1/C started!

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