Polish Poker Masters 225,000€ GTD for only 110€ at Banco Casino Košice and Bratislava!

Poker enthusiasts, we bring you another good news! In 2022, Banco Casino will bring major poker festivals in cooperation with the Polish organization Legalny Poker. Four big events whose prize pool exceeds 1,000,000€!

At least one million Euros will be redistributed among poker enthusiasts in the Banco Casino network during 2022 in four upcoming events, the dates of which we will publish gradually. The first big event will be POLISH POKER MASTERS with a 225,000€ guarantee, which final will take place in Banco Casino Košice at the beginning of April, from 28.3. to 3.4.2022!

Polish Poker Masters guarantees a fabulous 225,000€ and will consist of several qualifying days over the upcoming weeks, thanks to which you can secure qualification for only 20€ to the final Step C Polish Poker Masters with a1,100€ buy-in! The end of the event will take place in a beautiful casino in Košice, which will host this series for the first time. A massive participation of the poker community is expected and not only will the Main Event burst at the seams as we are used to with "Polish" events, but the cash game zone is expecting some great action!

Polish Poker Masters 225,000€ GTD is divided into three parts:

1) Super-Qualifications (Step A) * - Banco Casino Košice, Banco Casino Bratislava, Legalny Poker in Poland

2) STEP B * with 110€ buy-in - Banco Casino Košice, Banco Casino Bratislava, Legalny Poker in Poland

3) STEP C ** with 1,100€ buy-in - Banco Casino Košice

* Stack will not transfer from the initial qualifiers and STEP B.

** STEP C all participants have the same starting stack and starts in the blinds 100/200 (ante 200)



1) Qualifications (STEP A)

- Qualify for a few Euros at Banco Casino to STEP B

- For every 110€ in the prize pool, 1 player qualify

- Follow the www.bancocasino.sk section of the tournament when the qualifiers take place



- Buy-in 110€

- Starting stack 50,000

- Blinds 30 min.

- Late reg.: 10 levels

- For every 1,100€ in the prize pool, 1 player qualifiy to Step C

- All players who qualify to Step C have a minimum of 250€ guaranteed in STEP C.

- Chips will not transfer, each advancer (Step C participant) will have the same starting stack of 100,000 chips


All qualifiers from Banco Casino Bratislava will receive accommodation for two nights in a partner hotel free of charge (Friday and Saturday) and 30€ to cover the costs associated with the trip to Košice. Free accommodation, paid trip, luxury Banco Casino Košice, guaranteed min-cash of 250€ and a poker tournament with an exclusive structure 225,000€ GTD? Only in the BANCO CASINO!




- Buy-in 1,100€

- Starting stack 100,000

- Blinds 35 min / 45 min.

- Registration open until the start of STEP C - 2.4.2022 until 13:00

- Each STEP C participant has a guaranteed 250€

- Step C start on blinds 100 - 200 (ante 200)

- STEP C is divided into two days:

2.4. Step C - 14 levels with 35 minutes blinds, where the rest will advance to Sunday's final

3.4. Step C - Final Day with 45 minutes blinds



Polish Poker Masters will be the largest poker event at Banco Casino Košice with a 225,000€guarantee, where a massive participation of the poker community of the domestic and foreign scene is expected, while thousands of Euros will be distributed to poker enthusiasts. See you at the Banco Casino poker tables!