Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot - up to 1,000€ every day!

Cash game lovers beware! Banco Casino has prepared a daily Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot, which you can win every day up to 1,000€ - all you need is a bit of luck in misfortune! Every cash game player will find something for himself, as we have prepared - one progressive jackpot for No Limit Hold'em players and one for lovers of 4 or 5 card Pot Limit Omaha.

Got a "suckout" or hit a big setup? This happens with poker, and Banco Casino will reward you with the Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot, which is here for you every day! How to do it? Continue reading!


The progressive Bad Beat Jackpot starts at a value of 100€, and if it does not fall on the given day, it will be increased by another 100€. In this way, it can grow up to 1,000€, which will remain until someone manages to "hit the Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot". No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha jackpots are separate and increase in value independently of each other!


How to win the Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot?

No-Limit Hold'em - from any lost two-card full house

Pot Limit Omaha - from losing a full house from Es up (AAA+)



Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot Rules:

1) Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot (PBBJ) starts at 100€ and increases daily by 100€ (unless it falls on the given day) up to a maximum amount of 1,000€, which remains as long as someone manages to lose according to the set criteria, then it starts from the next day again from 100€.

2) In the case of several players in one hand meeting the conditions, the PBBJ is paid out only 1x and the given players divide the prize regardless of which of them has a better hand when compared to each other (losing hands are always equal).

3) PBBJ applies to NLH and PLO separately, they are separate jackpots and in case of failure, they increase independently of each other

4) A maximum of 1x for NLHE and 1x for PLO can fall on one game day (14:00-14:00)